Standing Committees

Bylaws   more

Sharon Giese, Chair Sharongiese08@yahoo.com

Membership   more

Elaine Miller, Chair elaine2443@msn.com

Campaign   more

Carolyn Hodges, Chair chodges@hodgessw.com

Program   more

Nancy Mazza, Chair nancyadaire@gmail.com

Fundraising   more

JoAnn Parker, Chair japarker@prolog-inc.com

Public Relations   more

LaDonna Ryggs, Chair 

Legislative   more

Rae Lynne Chornenky, Chair rlc@chornenkylaw.com



Special Committees

Achievement Awards   more

Julie Harris, Chair jjonharris@aol.com


Joan Clendenin, Chair joanclendenin@comcast.net


Lyn Sanchez, Chair lj@reagan.com

Regents Program   more

Linda Arnold, Chair linda@lindaarnold.com

Americanism red arrow  more

Fay Williamson, Chair faywilliamson10@yahoo.com

Resolutions   more

Arla Jeanne Murray, Chair mrcattle@midrivers.com

Armed Services red arrow  more

Sally Taylor, Chair taylor3darmy@msn.com


Brenda Campbell, Chief bacamp@embarqmail.com

Caring for America

Carol Hadley, Chair chadleycfrw@aol.com

State Presidents   more

Brenda Smith, Coordinator BSmith@yourassurance.com

Community Engagement red arrow  more

Evelyn McCoy, Chair donevelyn@yahoo.com

Technology red arrow  more

Jenny Mundy, Chair techcommittee@nfrw.org

Health Issues

April Cohagen-Gibson, Chair johnaprilgibson@aol.com

Women in Business

Gena Gore, Chair genag@suddenlink.net

Homeland Security

Elayne Dennis, Chair Elaynegop@cox.net

Youth Outreach red arrow  more

Kim Chambers, Chair kimcham@gmail.com

Leadership Development red arrow  more

Jo Konen, Chair jokonenbylaw@sbcglobal.net

38th Biennial Convention

Mary Williams, Chair Mary@WilliamsGroup.net

Literacy red arrow  more

Maxine Bennett, Chair garymaxb@sbcglobal.net



Special Appointees


Joyce Waggoner joywag@comcast.net

Historian / President's Book

Shirley Kaltenborn skalt56@san.rr.com
Daryl Reynolds

Congressional Liaison

Urve Kiik urvek@aol.com


Theresa Kosmoski, RP theresa.kosmoski@gmail.com

Distinguished Guests / VIP Hostess

Theresa Esposito briggene@aol.com

Presidential Libraries Liaison

Linda Smith lksmith53@cox.net

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