NFRW Executive Committee - 2014-2015 NFRW Executive Committee

FRONT ROW: Betty Poe, Rae Lynne Chornenky, Kathy Brugger, Kay VanSant

MIDDLE ROW: Becky Johnson, Eileen Sobjack, Lynne Hartung

BACK ROW: Cindy Graves, Dena Barnes, Suzanne Crow

NOT PICTURED: Carrie Almond


Executive Committee

  PRESIDENT  Kathy Brugger, California

  IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT  Rae Lynne Chornenky, Arizona

  1st VICE PRESIDENT  Betty Poe, South Carolina

  2nd VICE PRESIDENT  Carrie Almond, Missouri

  3rd VICE PRESIDENT  Kay VanSant, Alabama

  4th VICE PRESIDENT  Becky Johnson, Kansas

  SECRETARY  Eileen Sobjack, Washington

  TREASURER  Lynne Hartung, Nevada

  MEMBER-at-LARGE  Cindy Graves, Florida

  MEMBER-at-LARGE  Dena Barnes, North Carolina

  MEMBER-at-LARGE  Suzanne Crow, Louisiana


Board of Directors

  Standing and special committee leaders; special appointees 

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