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Beverly Davis of Utah
President, 2006-2007

Concerned about giving young Republican women a voice in the Federation, Davis implemented the New Generation Republican Women and College Republican Women initiatives to help states establish clubs geared toward women up to 40 years old, and clubs on college campuses led by and for students. Also during Davis' term, the NFRW became an advocate for Jessica's Law, legislation at the state level aimed at protecting children from sexual predators.


Beverly Davis

Beverly Davis was elected NFRW president at the 33rd Biennial Convention in Nashville and served in the position in 2006 and 2007.

Davis, who has been involved in Republican politics since the mid-1960s, also has held the positions of 1st vice president, 3rd vice president and member-at-large, and has served on the Program and Achievement Award Committee, the 1999 Tellers Committee, and the 1997 Credentials Committee. She was president of Weber County RW for five years and president of the Utah FRW for four years.

In addition to organizing campaign schools for Utah Republican candidates, Davis has campaigned for many Utah Republican elected officials. She has worked on U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch's campaign since the early 1980s, and on every campaign of Congressman Rob Bishop and U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett. During Hatch's last campaign, Davis served on his advisory committee. She also planned strategy and campaigned for Gov. Jon Huntsman.

Davis served as chair of the Weber County Republican Party for four years and is former precinct vice chair of her voting district. Her election activities include attending a national polling school, and serving as a poll watcher and as an election judge. She has walked precincts, manned telephone banks and participated in massive literature drops for local Republican candidates the weekend prior to Election Day.

A recently-retired small business owner of 16 years, Davis was named an Ambassador in Utah in 2000. She volunteered with the mentally handicapped in Weber County and served as a trustee for the Uintah Highlands Water District. She and her husband have seven children.

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