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Dianne Thompson of Texas
President, 2004-2005

Under Thompson's leadership, the NFRW launched an innovative grassroots GOTV program during the 2004 election, increased its general membership and membership in the Regents Program, established the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award, revised and updated most of its publications and created several new resources, vastly expanded its high-tech communications and the scope and size of the web site, and continued to build on many of the organization's long-standing programs, such as the Campaign Management Schools and No Child Left Behind.

Sue Lynch

Dianne Thompson was elected NFRW president at the 32nd Biennial Convention in Salt Lake City in September 2003 and assumed the position in January 2004. From 2010-2013, Thompson served as adviser to the NFRW president.

During the 2002-2003 term, Thompson served as NFRW first vice president and RNC coordinator for the Team Leader Program. In addition, she was instrumental in composing policies and procedures for the NFRW Executive Committee.

Thompson also served as NFRW fourth vice president, as NFRW liaison for the 31st Biennial Convention in San Antonio, and as chair of the NFRW Campaign Committee, for which she organized and led several Train the Trainer seminars to help Federation women acquire the tools necessary to train women in their home states in campaign skills and techniques.

Past president of the Texas FRW, Thompson has held many TFRW positions over the years, including first vice president, vice president of Bylaws, vice president of Campaign Activities, director of Senate District 25, chair of TFRW Cleo Bohls PAC, Caucus Committee chair, Convention Workshop chair, Nominating Committee chair, and past president of Kendall County Republican Women. She is currently a member of the Lubbock Area Republican Women.

She also served on the 1997 NFRW Nominating Committee. Her many accomplishments include implementing the TFRW Campaign Management Schools, serving as delegate to TFRW and NFRW conventions since the early 1980s, and receiving the TFRW Tribute to Women and 10 Outstanding Republican Women awards. She also has been a delegate-at-large to the Republican National Conventions.

Thompson has held leadership positions in more than 25 statewide and national campaigns, including state director for the Victory '98 Phone Bank in Texas; Victory 2000 state political director; state Get-Out-the-Vote chairman for the Bush/Quayle campaign; political director for the George W. Bush gubernatorial, Rob Mosbacher lieutenant governor and state agriculture commissioner Susan Combs campaigns; state director of Texans for Term Limitations; special projects coordinator for the Republican Party of Texas; and, member of the State Phone Bank Advisory Committee, State Platform Committee, State Rules Committee, State Executive Campaign Committee and the Congressional Delegate Nominating Committee.

She is married to James F. Thompson, and they are the parents of one daughter, Christina.

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