Listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, 124 N. Alfred Street is located in Old Town Alexandria, home to more than 2,000 historic properties. The NFRW purchased the building with donations from state federations, local clubs, and Republican women and men from across the United States.

The property consists of a reception area, eight offices, a conference room, a copy room, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a storage basement and a parking driveway.

Building:  $860,000
Furniture:  $40,000 (furnishings for 7 of 11 rooms)
Total Cost:  $900,000

Membership's Financial Support
Making the building a true "headquarters" for its entire membership, the NFRW invited state federations to "purchase" rooms. The overwhelming response from the states and individuals demonstrated the strong grassroots network of the NFRW.

Purchase Prices:
Each Room: $25,000
Each Bathroom: $10,000
Front Garden: $10,000
Staircases: $250 per stair

Staircase (both floors): New Jersey
Front Garden: Maryland
Front Doorway: Regional Fundraising Directors
Reception Area: Michigan Room

First Floor:
First Floor, Front Room: Virginia Room
First Floor, Middle Room: West Virginia Room
First Floor, Rear Middle: Hannah Penn Council (of Penn.)
First Floor, Rear Right: California Room
First Floor, Bathroom #1: Florida (in honor of Jean Pipes)
First Floor, Bathroom #2: Florida (in honor of Helen Neely)
Closet: Nevada

Second Floor:
Conference Room: Louisiana Room (first state to raise $25,000)
Kitchen: Eisenhower Kitchen (donated in memory of Ike)
President's Office: Kentucky Room (in honor of Thelma O'Hara)
Front Right: Nebraska Room
Front Left: Ohio Room
Hall Window: Patricia Wallace (of New York)
Bathroom #1: Kansas
Bathroom #2: Tennessee

Third Floor:
Front Room: North Carolina Room
Conference (Back) Room: Texas Room

* California raised more than $45,000 -- the largest amount raised by a state federation.

NFRW headquarters

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