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October 29, 2010
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 As Gender Gap Closes, Republican Women
Enthusiastic About Going to Polls Tuesday

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Sue Lynch, president of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), issued the following statement today:

“Poll after poll shows that the female vote is shifting to the right and that more women are supporting GOP candidates this year than in 2008. Several polls also have shown that Republican women are enthusiastic about voting in this election. In recent weeks, we have seen President Obama and the Democrats scramble to regain the support of women, but it is no surprise that the gender gap is closing.

“For years, Democrats have taken women for granted and have treated them like a monolithic voting bloc that only cares about a few 'women's issues,' when in fact, women are unique individuals motivated by a range of issues. Just like men, women oppose the radical Democrat agenda of the last two years. They are concerned about preserving freedom and prosperity for future generations and reining in out-of-control spending. They are energized by the Republican message and by the quality of Republican candidates, particularly the distinguished group of Republican women running at the federal and state levels.

“The National Federation of Republican Women is excited to be part of this historic election in which voters will take back America. We are working tirelessly in communities across this nation to get out the vote on Tuesday, and we have a special interest in reaching out to women to further diminish the gender gap.”

Founded in 1938, the NFRW has thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation and in several U.S. territories, making it one of the largest women’s political organizations in the country. The grassroots organization works to promote the principles and objectives of the Republican Party, elect Republican candidates, inform the public through political education and activity, and increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.

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