36th Biennial Convention



“Sparkle in the Heart of America”
Sideboard Raffle

The NFRW Fundraising Committee developed an innovative event for the Convention that was a hit with attendees. The “Sparkle in the Heart of America” sideboard raffle offered a limited number of chances to win high-end prizes.

Sparkle in the Heart of America
The raffle featured a board containing 500 sparkling, numbered hearts for $20 each. The hearts were be sold starting Wednesday, September 28, in the Basie Ballroom Foyer of the Marriott Tower. The raffle drawing was held at the Opening Gala on Friday, September 30.

Prizes included:

  $500 VISA gift card
  One-year membership in the NFRW Regents Program, valued at $1,000
  Red, White & You Bracelet
  Timmy Woods designer zebra purse
  $100 gift certificate for Omaha Steaks and Baker's Gourmet Chocolates from Nebraska 
  Delicate 18K gold amethyst earrings and ring
  Blue necklace
  14k gold opal ring and hinged opal bangle bracelet with seven small stones
  3-strand pearl bracelet with jade clasp and solitaire pearl ring
  "Young girl" lithograph 45/60 signed by artist Edna Hibel

The first winner was asked to choose the prize she wanted, and so on until all tickets were drawn.

Live Auction
The Committee also organized a live auction, which also was held at the Opening Gala.

Auction items included:
  Portrait of President Ronald Reagan by contemporary artist Tarryl Gabel of New York (shown top right)

  A stay at a spectacular 12th Century French chateau

  An angel brooch and left and right angel earrings (shown bottom right), as well as a copy of "Jewelry of the Stars," from the Estate of Joan Castle Joseff

  Custom-framed print of a drawing of Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush

  “A Night of Reading and Wine," featuring a basket of autographed books from high profile Republicans, a Laura Bush tablecloth, glasses and wine in a custom cowboy boot wine holder

Reagan Portrait

Joseff angel brooch and earrings

  1984 Republican National Campaign “Keyboard” Decanter

NFRW Purse Key Finder & Jewelry
During the Convention, the Committee also sold:

  New NFRW Purse Key Finder (right)
Pearls for Girls (bottom left)
  Red, White & You Bracelet (bottom center), available in two or three strands
  Women in Numbers WIN Pin (bottom right)
  Limited edition Soaring Eagle of Destiny Pin, created by designer Ann Hand

NFRW Purse Key Finder
All proceeds will go to support NFRW programs.
Pearls for Girls

Red, White and You Bracelet

Women in Numbers WIN Pin


  Fundraising Committee Items

  Fundraising Committee Chair
Carol Salmon, cljsalmon@aol.com


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