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arrow  December 10, 2012 Reid Seeks to Extend TAG Program; DeMint Resigns From Senate
arrow  December 3, 2012 Congresswoman Miller Appointed to Chair House Administration Committee; Update on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
arrow  November 26, 2012 Senate Considers U.N. Treaty on Disabilities, Legal Challenge to Obamacare Mounted, Surveyed Americans Favor Tax Reform
arrow  November 19, 2012 What You Need to Know About the Looming Fiscal Cliff, Geithner Calls For Eliminating Debt Ceiling Entirely, Celebrate Giving November 27 by Supporting Literacy
arrow  November 12, 2012 Relief Fund For Hurricane Sandy Victims Established; Weighing the Impact of the Super PAC This Election Cycle; Supreme Court Hears Important Voting Rights Case
arrow  November 5, 2012 Lake County, Ohio: A Swing County Within a Swing State; Gallup Says U.S. Voter Turnout Will Likely Fall Short of 2004, 2008; Dozens of Newspapers Leave Obama Behind
arrow  October 29, 2012 Obama Fails to Keep Promises to Voters; Tensions Brew Over Voter ID Laws, U.N. Partner to Oversee Election Next Week; Senate Hasn't Passed Budget in Three and a Half Years
arrow  October 22, 2012 Romney-Ryan Reach Out to Small Business With Petition; Has the Obama Campaign Given Up North Carolina?
arrow  October 15, 2012 Libya Debacle Shows Obama is Incompetent; Supreme Court Considers Affirmative Action; Congress Investigates Defense Contractor Layoffs
arrow  October 8, 2012 Ann Romney to Guest Host 'Good Morning America'; Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law Thrown Out by Trial Court Judge
arrow  October 1, 2012 Obama's Disastrous Energy Policies; Planned Parenthood Ad Blitz Against Romney; October Debate Schedule
arrow  September 24, 2012 Senate Hasn't Passed a Budget in 1,246 Days; Talking Points: The Romneys' Tax Returns
arrow  September 17, 2012 Talking Points on the Role of State Exchanges in Obamacare; Campaign Committee Introduces 'Women Swing the Vote, Part 2'
arrow  September 10, 2012 Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?; NFRW Campaign Committee Introduces "Women Swing the Vote" GOTV Program
arrow  August 27, 2012 The Facts About Romney's Energy Plan; The Truth About America's Oil Resources
arrow  August 20, 2012 Florida's Election Laws Draw Lawsuits; Obama Attacks Ryan on Pell Grants Despite Creating a 'Funding Cliff' With Program; Obama's Regulations Choke Manufacturers; What Needs to Be Taken from Last Week's Fight over Medicare
arrow  August 13, 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals; Get to Know Paul Ryan; Retail, Restaurant Cuts Expected with Advent of Obamacare
arrow  August 6, 2012 Unemployment Rate Continues at All-Time High; Obama's Economic Policies Fail to Win Voters; Sequestration Legislation Update; Obama's Hollywood Backers Outsource Jobs
arrow  July 30, 2012 GOP Platform Committee Seeks Feedback Through New Web Site; Congresswoman Black Fights Obamacare; Republicans Initiate Sequester Transparency Act
arrow  July 23, 2012 Women's Poverty Rates Skyrocket Since 2009; Obama's Immigration Plans
arrow  July 16, 2012 Updates on Voter ID, Fast and Furious; Obama's Failed Economic Promises
arrow  June 25, 2012 U.S. Supreme Court Expected to Rule on Obamacare This Week
arrow  June 18, 2012 House Republicans Pass Domestic Energy and Jobs Act
arrow  June 11, 2012 Talking Points: 10 Democrats Who Disagree or Dodge Questions on President Obama's Comment that the Private Sector is 'Doing Fine'
arrow  June 4, 2012 Help Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch Win Wisconsin Recall Election
arrow  May 28, 2012 Wisconsin Recall Election; Paycheck Fairness Act
arrow  May 7, 2012 Breitbart Op-Ed by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: "Obama Pays His Union Dues"
arrow  April 30, 2012 Adams, House Republican Women Announce Plan to Reauthorize, Update Violence Against Women Act
arrow  April 2, 2012 Obama's Gender Gap: Obamanomics is Leaving Women Behind
arrow  April 2, 2012 President Obama vs. the United States Supreme Court: Obama Publicly Criticizes High Court in Back-to-Back Events
arrow  March 26, 2012 ObamaCare Goes Before the U.S. Supreme Court; Video from House Energy Action Team Highlights Failure of Obama's Energy Policies
arrow  February 27, 2012 Senate Expected to Vote on Conscience Exemption Amendment
arrow  February 6, 2012 House to Vote on American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (H.R. 7)
arrow  January 23, 2012 Governor Daniels Delivers Effective Republican Response to State of Union Address; NFRW Disappointed in Tone, Content of President's Address
arrow  January 16, 2012 Tell Congress to Leave the Internet Alone; Obama Administration Rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline

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