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Carol Hadley

Carol Hadley, Member-at-Large, 2018-2019

CAROL HADLEY of California
Director, Region 1
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Carol Hadley was elected member-at-large of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Executive Committee at the 39th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia and took office in January 2018. She is the director of NFRW Region 1, which includes Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming. She also is the adviser to the NFRW Agriculture and Armed Services Committees. Previously, she served four years as chair of the NFRW Caring for America Committee. 

Carol has been a member of the Federation in Texas, Washington and California. She served as president of the California Federation, as well as central division president and vice president. She founded the only Latina club in California, Latinas United Republican Women Federated.


Carol served as chair of the California Republican Party Volunteer Organization Committee, and as a member of the CAGOP Drafting Committee and CAGOP Rules Committee. She has served in many capacities on federal, state and local campaigns, including as campaign consultant and campaign manager. She was the executive director of the San Joaquin County Republican Committee three different times. In 2012 and 2016, Carol served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.


Carol has served as president and/or a board member on many non-profit organizations in Stockton. As co-chair of the American Heart Association Pro-Am Gold Tournament in Stockton for 13 years, she helped raise more than a million dollars. She was designated Volunteer of the Year by the San Joaquin Lions and twice by the American Heart Association, and has received several other awards for her efforts.


Carol holds degrees from Eastern New Mexico University and Eastern Oregon State University. She proudly stands as a United States Air Force Veteran. She was a realtor for 15 years with Art Godi Realtors and served on the Central Valley Association on Realtors Diversity Committee.


She has been married to Jerry Hadley for 32 years. She is the mother of two sons and two daughters, and when she married Jerry, she was blessed with three more daughters. She has 31 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.