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Notable Quotations About the NFRW

President Ronald Reagan addresses the NFRW 22nd Biennial Convention in 1983.

President Ronald Reagan addresses the NFRW 22nd Biennial Convention in 1983.


“Thanks to your energy and talent, you’ve often been called the foot soldiers of our party. But that description is becoming outdated. You’ve got a good share of generals in your ranks—and that share is growing.”
Ronald Reagan, NFRW convention address, Oct. 7, 1983


“I want to thank the National Federation of Republican Women for your hard work and dedication. You’ve helped elect thousands of Republicans from all across the country.”
Ronald Reagan


"I thank all of you for your hard work on behalf of our administration and our party in 2000 and again in 2002. In many races and many places, your grassroots efforts made the difference, and I'll be counting on you again in 2004."
George W. Bush, letter to the NFRW convention, 2003


“Over my tenure as governor, I have come not only to respect the political muscle of the Federation; I’ve come to respect the brains. All of us depend on your efforts and energies.”
George W. Bush, NFRW convention address, 1999


“Your efforts through the years have paid off for Republicans throughout the country at all levels of office, and Barbara and I very much appreciate the hard work. The Federation holds a special place in the collective hearts of the Bush clan.”
George H.W. Bush


“… The future is very markedly in your hands, its value and its moral standing in the world and among ourselves. If you will take the power you have and use it, I have no fear of the outcome of the future.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower


“Without the National Federation of Republican Women, there would be no Republican Party.”
Barry Goldwater, from an NFRW news release, ca. 1955


“If it had not been for Gladys O’Donnell and that group of devoted women, … I would not be here today. … Now, that admission indicates to you how much power I think women have, how much you can contribute to a campaign, how much your support will count, particularly in a hard-fought and close election.”
Richard M. Nixon, NFRW convention address, Oct. 22, 1971


“I can assure you the National Federation is an organization of Republican women whose power, prestige, perception, and purpose will never be underestimated by anyone.”
Gerald R. Ford, NFRW convention address, Sept. 13, 1975


“(The National Federation of Republican Women) has a long history of helping bring women into the political process while promoting the Republican cause.”
Laura Bush, Tribute to Laura Bush, 2004


“One of the things that’s really pleased me is the fact that the Federation has gotten involved in things other than just party politics.”
Barbara Bush


“You have the greatest organization in America, and we’re very proud of it.”
Bob Dole


“The most effective Republican organization in the front line of American politics, in America today, is the National Federation of Republican Women.”
Jack Kemp


“As chairman of the Republican National Committee, I want to thank the NFRW for their campaign management and polling schools. These schools give Republican candidates the winning edge.”
Lee Atwater


“It was due in great measure to the hard work of the members of the National Federation of Republican Women that a Bush/Quayle victory … was achieved.”
Marilyn Quayle


“ The Republican women in the National Federation of Republican Women all across the country, not just in Arkansas, are the true backbone of our party and our campaigns. Any Republican officeholder who's been in a tough race will tell you that the Republican women volunteers and supported by the Federation are one of the single best grassroots assets to our party. I had dozens and dozens of Republican women who worked in my campaign headquarters six years ago day in and day out, on any task we needed. That’s not just me either. It goes all the way up to the top. I spend a lot of time with President Trump, talk to him a lot about his campaign. He knows it’s true that we win or lose based on the support of the Federation of Republican Women. I’m not exaggerating when I assert that the future of America is at least in part in your hands. ”
U.S. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, June 11, 2020