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Campaigns and Elections

Rosie, the NFRW's 2016 campaign tour bus

In 2016, the NFRW launched the "Destination: White House" tour, a nationwide campaign to register Republican-leaning women to vote, rally Federation clubs and communities across the country, and put a Republican back in the White House. The tour featured the NFRW's red, white and blue campaign RV, Rosie.


Working to elect Republican candidates at the local, state and national levels is the focal point of the National Federation of Republican Women.

Through our Campaign Management Schools and other programs, we have trained thousands of Republican women to manage political campaigns and to be successful candidates and elected officials. At the grassroots, our members sponsor voter registration drives, host candidate debates, and log millions of volunteer campaign hours for Republicans every election cycle.

The NFRW presents the Campaign Volunteer Awards every two years to states whose members demonstrate excellence in donating volunteer time to the benefit of the Republican Party, Republican candidates or the NFRW. This awards program is overseen by the NFRW Campaign Committee. Federated Republican women across the nation reported more than 5 million documented campaign volunteer hours for the 2016-2017 term.