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Literacy and Education

Literacy and Education

Genesee County Women's Republican Club of western New York chose a park that serves five school districts without a nearby library to set up a free children’s library. The club had the library built and custom painted with book characters, and filled it with free books that kids can borrow and return.


Possessing the ability to read and write is fundamental. It makes learning possible, inevitable and infinite. For this reason, fostering literacy has long been a priority of the National Federation of Republican Women, and several literacy programs have been developed to achieve this goal.

Over the past 60 years, the NFRW and its members have donated thousands of books each year to libraries, schools, hospitals and other public institutions through our Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP). Since 2002, Federation members have donated more than 300,000 dictionaries to school children through the Dictionary Project.

The Red Shoe Book Club is a way for local clubs to explore and discuss books, and publish book reviews in monthly newsletters and on club websites. To form a Red Shoe Book Club, participants should designate a time and place and select books from the MELP lists to read, discuss and share. Related materials, including the Red Shoe Book Club logo (which can be used on club promotional materials), are available in the Member Center Digital Resource Library.

Members are encouraged to celebrate Literacy Month in September. Read to yourself and to your family, and do it everyday! If you know someone struggling with reading, volunteer to assist them or find a local literacy resource. Reading is imperative to successfully navigating our world. Be part of that success, and share your favorite titles with the Literacy and Education Committee.

With our commitment to literacy, we have adopted education as one of our primary issue focuses. Our goal is to improve public education and literacy by advocating grassroots support for education reform and taking direct action to improve literacy. We use our network of members to promote high standards, accountability, flexibility, local control of schools, and early reading initiatives.

Whether donating a book, volunteering to mentor or read to children, or acting as a literacy/education advocate, each of us has something of value to contribute to the literacy effort. By continuing to work together on this critical issue, we can ensure an educated citizenry of the future.


MEMBER TIP: Download member resources for the Literacy and Education program by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.