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Start a Local Club

New Club Charters

Starting a new local club is easy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to positively impact your local community by creating a Republican women's club.

Since 1938, the NFRW has been influencing politics at the grassroots level through our local clubs and state federations. You can be a part of this tradition. Help increase the strength of the Republican Party in your community today by creating a local club.

Organizing a New Club

Membership in the National Federation of Republican Women is available to any Republican woman. If no federated club exists in a community, and there are 10 or more registered Republican women who wish to organize a permanent club, the following guidelines should be followed. In states that do not register voters by party, the potential members should be considered based on their commitment to Republican ideals and issues.

To start a new club, you will need to:

  1. Have a minimum of 10 Republican women dedicated to the new club.
  2. Use the Club Bylaws Template or the Virtual Club Bylaws Template to set up your club's bylaws. Bylaws are the governing rules of an organization and are essential to its success. Club bylaws must be in compliance with both state and national bylaws.
    Club Bylaws Template [MSWord, 10 pages, Updated October 2022]
    Virtual Club Bylaws Template [MSWord, 10 pages, February 2020]
  3. Determine the dues level for your club. Dues will cover membership in all three levels of the Federation. NFRW dues are $20 per member per year. State dues vary (consult the president of your state). Your new club will also want to determine an amount of dues that will benefit your club. Local club dues (for all three federation levels) typically run between $25 and $35 per year. A $15 service charge is also due from each local club to the NFRW each year.
  4. Elect officers. It is essential to create effective leadership for a new club.
    Duties of Officers [PDF, 7 pages]
    Sample Officer Roster [FILLABLE PDF, 1 page] 


Utilizing Your State Federation

When considering starting a new local club, be sure to consult the president of your state. She can offer valuable advice and support, and she may know of women in your area who would be interested in joining your new club.

State federation presidents will help you make sure that you adhere to all state and national rules and regulations. State federations must also approve new local clubs, and by utilizing your state federation president early, you will help to make the process as smooth as possible.

Once your new club has been organized, your state federation will review and approve your club and certify your club charter application. This application will be forwarded to the NFRW, along with your proposed bylaws, officer roster and national dues/service charge. Upon approval of the new club by the NFRW, a charter and club number will be issued, making the new club an official Federation affiliate.


For Assistance or More Information

Your participation is important to us. Together we can work to increase the strength and size of the Republican Party in America, and to make sure the collective voice of our nation's women is strong and heard. We look forward to your involvement.

Contact the Membership Department for additional assistance.


MEMBER TIP: Download membership development resources by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.