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Virtual Clubs


Virtual Republican Women's Meeting


The National Federation of Republican Women’s members come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Because they have different interests, schedules and approaches to achieving their mutual goals, the NFRW seeks to provide a variety of membership options to help them find the right fit. One of those options is the virtual / e-club model.

Virtual Republican women’s clubs – or e-clubs – help connect and engage members using a flexible, non-traditional approach. A virtual club meets online using technology such as group chats, video conferencing, Facebook or similar social network platforms.

Virtual club meetings are conducted in the same manner as traditional club meetings and include the same agenda items and programming. The only difference is the virtual club meets online while the traditional club meets at a venue such as a restaurant, office, library or home.

Virtual clubs are perfect for women who have young children, a demanding work schedule, travel frequently, live in rural areas, are homebound or have mobility and/or transportation challenges, or don’t have time to attend meetings in person.

The virtual club is chartered and organized in the same manner as any other club and is part of the state federation structure.




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MEMBER TIP: Download membership development resources by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.


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Interested in starting a virtual club in your state? See the resource section on this page for more information.