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Every two years at the biennial convention, the NFRW presents the following awards to recognize and honor excellence at the state and club levels:

  • The Ronald Reagan Leadership Award honors a state president who has provided extraordinary leadership and inspiration to her state and to the NFRW.
  • The Betty Heitman Awards for State Excellence are presented to states that demonstrate excellence, achievement or accomplishment in community relations, programs, campaign activities and state functions.
  • The Club Achievement Awards are presented to clubs that demonstrate excellence in membership development, campaign activities, community relations, programs and club functions.
  • The Political & Campaign Awards recognize those who accumulate the most volunteer hours engaging in political/campaign activities and making political/campaign phone calls.
  • The State Public Relations Awards recognizes states that do an outstanding job of improving Federation visibility and attracting media coverage of Federation accomplishments.
  • The Membership Incentive Awards are presented to states and clubs that demonstrate excellence in the area of membership development.
  • The Caring for America Awards are presented to states and clubs that demonstrate excellence in community service and outreach.
  • The Armed Services Awards recognize states and clubs that demonstrate excellence in supporting members of the U.S. Armed Services. 



MEMBER TIP: Download the NFRW Awards forms by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.


Diamond NFRW Achievement Award Pin

The Diamond NFRW Club Achievement Award Pin. More than 500 Republican women's clubs qualified for Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievement Awards in 2022-2023.