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Legislation & Advocacy

U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.



Expanding School Choice

For decades, countless children have been trapped in failing government-run schools. Their families want to provide better educational options for their children,but they are being denied that opportunity because of where they live or their family income.

NFRW Stands For enacting the Education Freedom and Opportunity Scholarships Act to give these families a choice and their children a better chance to reach their potential.

Fact Sheet: Education Freedom and Opportunity Scholarships Act  [PDF, 1 page, March 2020]

Combatting Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It exists in the shadows but has infiltrated every community. Human trafficking involves sex trafficking and labor trafficking. It is tied to illicit drugs. It is facilitated by a porous border with Mexico. It is a reason for the disappearance of many runaways and a cause of kidnappings.The internet has caused an explosion of trafficking as “buyers” shop online.

NFRW Stands For preventing human trafficking as a top priority and engaged our membership in helping enact the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act in 2016 and the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act in 2018. Read about the next steps in the multi-pronged fight against human trafficking.

Fact Sheet: Ending Human Trafficking  [PDF, 1 page, March 2020]

Curbing Power of Federal Regulators

Americans are searching for practical ways to rein in the excessive growth of federal power and interference in their lives. One major concern has been the expansion of burdensome federal regulation that has endangered economic growth and job creation.

The Trump Administration, with the help of the Republican Congress in 2017-18, made important progress in curbing excessive regulation, but structural reform is needed.

NFRW Stands For putting grassroots support behind the Regulation Freedom Amendment, a constitutional amendment that would ensure that federal regulations are approved by elected representatives of the People, not dictated by unelected Washington bureaucrats.

Fact Sheet: Regulation Freedom Amendment   [PDF, 1 page, March 2020]
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