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Prominent Members

Christi Craddick

“As a statewide elected official in Texas, I know the value Republican women add to our efforts of electing our candidates, developing sound conservative policy as elected officials, and serving our communities, states and nation as officeholders. I am proud to be a member of NFRW; one of the most diverse, professional, hard-working groups of women in our country.”

– Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick, member of Austin Republican Women, Texas

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Cabinet and Cabinet Level

Betsy DeVos
Betsy DeVos, U.S. Secretary of Education, Mi RWC, Michigan

Administration Officials
Karen Evans, Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response, U.S. Department of Energy, Gateway RW, West Virginia



U.S. Senator
Martha McSally, Tucson RW, Arizona
Cindy Hyde-Smith, Lincoln County RW, Mississippi
Deb Fischer, Buffalo County RW, Nebraska

U.S. Representative
Debbie Lesko, Arrowhead RW, Arizona
Susan Brooks, Hamilton County RW, Indiana
Virginia Foxx, Watauga County RWC, North Carolina
Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Ponderosa RW, Washington
Carol Miller, Huntington Cabell RW, West Virginia



National Chairwoman
Ronna Romney McDaniel, Mi RWC, Michigan

National Committeewomen
Jonelle Fulmer, Sebastian County RW, Arkansas
Harmeet Dhillon, East Bay RWF, California
Ellen Barrosse, Kent County RWC, Delaware
Miriam Hellreich, Windward RW, Hawaii
Cindy Siddoway, Jefferson County RW, Idaho
KC Crosbie, Fayette County RWC, Kentucky
Lenar Whitney, Houma RW, Louisiana
Ellie Espling, State At-Large, Maine
Kathy Berden, Mi RWC, Michigan
Janet Beihoffer, Metro RW, Minnesota
Jeanne Luckey, Jackson County RW, Mississippi
Jennifer Fielder, Missoula County RW, Montana
Juliana Bergeron, Cheshire RWC, New Hampshire
Ginny Haines, Ocean County FRW, New Jersey
Rosie Tripp, Socorro County FRW, New Mexico
Dr. Carolyn McLarty, Payne County RWC, Oklahoma
Lee Ann Sennick, Northern RI RW, Rhode Island
Toni Anne Dashiell, Nashville RW, Texas
Marlene Pfeifer, Washington RW Virtual Club, Washington
Mary Buestrin, Washington County FRW, Wisconsin
Marti Halverson, Fremont County RW, Wyoming

State Party Chairs
Terry Lathan, Azalea City RW, Alabama
Shirlene Ostrov, Leeward RW, Hawaii
Demi Kouzounas, At-Large Member, Maine
Laura Cox, Mi RWC, Michigan
Kay Hoflander, FRW of Lafayette Co., Missouri
Jane Timken, Westark RW, Ohio
Melody Potter, Kanawha County RW, West Virginia



Secretary of State
Beverly Clarno, Central Oregon FRW, Oregon

State Treasurer
Allison Ball, Fayette County RW, Kentucky

Labor Commissioner
Leslie Osborn, Countyline RWC, Oklahoma

Corporation Commissioner
Lea Marquez Peterson, Pima County RW, Arizona

Public Service Commissioner
Twinkle Cavanaugh, Capital City RW, Alabama

Public Utilities Commissioner
Kristie Fiegen, Cen-Kota RW, South Dakota

Railroad Commissioner
Christi Craddick, Austin RW, Texas



This list does not include every NFRW member elected or appointed to office at the national, state and local level. If we have inadvertently left a name off this list, please contact us