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Caring for America

Caring for America

Crystal Coast Republican Women (NC) members and supporters came out in droves to donate blood to the American Red Cross. The club collected 28 units, which will help save up to 84 lives. Members also assisted the Red Cross team by working in the cantina and providing hospitality to blood donors.


The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) established the Caring for America program in 1999 to encourage state federations and clubs to actively participate in at least one community service program. Caring for America is based on the belief that problems can be solved most effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individual citizens. 

Caring for America programs may be completed by the state or club individually or in collaboration with other community agencies. Republican women always step forward when they see an area that needs assistance, whether it is hands-on or through donations of needed food or other commodities. The NFRW Caring for America Committee compiles a comprehensive list of activities that is provided to all Federated Republican women's clubs.

The Caring for America Committee consists of region leaders from various member states who each work with the state presidents in their assigned region to promote the Caring for America program. These region leaders meet before the national biennial convention to review submissions from state presidents to determine the NFRW Caring for America Award winners in each size category. The NFRW recognizes each winner with a certificate at the biennial convention.


MEMBER TIP: Download member resources for the Caring for America program by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.