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Mamie Eisenhower Library Project


MELP Featured Selection

MELP Featured Selection

"Better Angels: You Can Change the World. You are Not Alone."
by Sadie Keller (with Congressman Michael McCaul)

Better Angels is a memoir by Sadie Keller, who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 7. In her own words, she tells a heartbreaking yet heartwarming tale of what it's like to face the possibility of death at a young age and how to turn it into a life-giving opportunity. 

Sadie recounts her journey forward with the support of helpful people - her “Better Angels.” Sadie, now 14 years old and a cancer survivor, is an activist and lobbyist for childhood cancer research. 

This book can serve as a user's manual for anyone who wants to change the world … by seeking and sparking love from the countless people who can help make it happen. 

The NFRW Literacy & Education Committee has selected this book as our "Book of the Year 2021." We recommend you start reading the book, either by purchasing or downloading, and then share it at your club meetings. The pure tale of a relationship between a young girl and her journey gives one hope in God and mankind. The better angels along the way can be you and me. We can make life better for those around us, even strangers. 

Better Angels can be purchased from your favorite local bookstore or online bookseller. All proceeds from book purchases are given to childhood cancer research. Give copies to your friends, family, doctor offices, stores, schools or anywhere inspiring stories are welcome.

Watch the NFRW Book Clubs Across America Launch Featuring the Authors of "Better Angels" >>


About MELP

The Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP) is the NFRW’s oldest program, celebrating 60 years of book donations from an approved list to schools, libraries, hospitals and other public institutions.

In 1961, the NFRW established the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project as a memorial honoring the former Republican First Lady who served for decades as a military wife and prepared the family home for over 30 moves during President Eisenhower’s military service to our country. Born in Iowa and moving to the South as a child, Mrs. Eisenhower was active in financial decisions in her home and often said that a woman’s independence was based upon her own ability to save money. She practiced fiscal responsibility as a First Lady, often clipping recipes for the White House Chef to prepare using boxed cake mixes as they were cheaper than baking from scratch.
Each biennium, the NFRW Literacy and Education Committee compiles a list of books that reflect Republican conservative beliefs of self-reliance, freedom and independence. In 1992, tapes and videos were added to the list. In 2020, DVDs and streaming services were added to the list. These books, both adult and children’s levels, are intended to be donated to public libraries, all schools, and hospitals to provide reading material to a wide variety of children and adults in our communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many clubs expanded to reading children’s books online through social media to a nation’s children not able to enter school buildings.

Club participation in the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project is one of the requirements for receiving the NFRW Achievement Awards, which are given out at NFRW’s biennial convention.



Clubs, please use the NFRW Literacy and Education Committee’s downloadable MELP Bookplate inside the front cover of each donated book as a way for consumers to know where the materials came from in your library. Your clubs reflect the generosity of Mamie Eisenhower when sharing free education.

To download and print the MELP Bookplate template, login and visit the Digital Resource Library

Please share details about your donated items (ie., what, when, how many) with the NFRW Literacy and Education Committee. The committee will report on donations each January.



Additions to the MELP Recommended Book List are made annually. The committee encourages recommendations from members.


MEMBER TIP: Download past MELP Book Lists by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.


Riglee Raccoon Super Reader Books


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Riglee Rolls an Easter Egg
by Lori Piotrowski and Michelle Hirstius
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Riglee Celebrates Thanksgiving

Riglee Celebrates Thanksgiving
by Lori Piotrowski and Michelle Hirstius
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