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arrow  December 17, 2014 new McSally Wins Recount; Congress Leaves Immigration to Next Year; High Turnover at Pentagon; Debt Reaches $18 Trillion
arrow  November 19, 2014 Louisiana Strike Force; Keystone Fails in Senate; GOP Elects Leadership
arrow  November 13, 2014 The Latest From Capitol Hill, White House; W Pays Tribute to His Father
arrow  July 7, 2014 Talking Points: Hobby Lobby, the First Amendment, and Government Overreach
arrow  May 19, 2014 Super Tuesday: A Post-Mortem
arrow  May 12, 2014 Rubio Makes Major Policy Address on Retirement Security
arrow  May 5, 2014 Benghazi Select Committee Coming Together; VIDEO: Uncovering the Truth of Benghazi with Trey Gowdy
arrow  April 28, 2014 On the Scandal in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System; ICYMI: Mary Landrieu Re-Creates Senate Hearing, Passes it Off as Real in New Ad
arrow  April 21, 2014 Keystone XL Pipeline Delay Buried in Friday Document Dump; ICYMI: David Gregory Asks DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Scultz About Senator Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) Attack on the Obama Administration's Pipeline Decision Delay
arrow  April 14, 2014 Issue of the Day: Equal Pay Talking Points; ICYMI: "I am Volcanic" Barbara Mikulski
arrow  April 7, 2014 The McCutcheon Ruling: Myth vs. Fact; A Victory for McCutcheon and the Republican National Committee
arrow  March 25, 2014 Bobby Jindal vs. Obama Administration's New Department of Education Rules
arrow  March 17, 2014 ICYMI: DNC Releases Report on RNC Growth and Opportunity Project; Insights Into the Real War on Women
arrow  March 10, 2014 Expected Contenders for 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination Speak at CPAC; CPAC Straw Poll Results
arrow  February 24, 2014 Talking Points, Part 2: Will Congress Hike the Minimum Wage This Year?; ICYMI: Boehner Discusses Administration's ObamaCare Report
arrow  February 17, 2014 Talking Points: House GOP Letter Highlights Four Areas of Compromise; ICYMI: Senator Burr On Supporting Our Veterans
arrow  February 10, 2014 Talking Points: Raising the Debt Ceiling Before February 27; ICYMI: Senator Cruz Discusses America's Energy Renaissance
arrow  February 3, 2014 Will House Republicans Tackle Immigration Reform This Year?; ICYMI: Bobby Jindal Talks Immigration Reform with Candy Crowley
arrow  January 27, 2014 Talking Points: State of the Union Address and Obama's Tone Shift; ICYMI: Cathy McMorris Rodgers' Republican Reponse
arrow  January 20, 2014 Talking Points: Minimum Wage Hike
arrow  January 13, 2014 The Continuing Resolution and the Omnibus: Talking Points on Budget Woes This Week; ICYMI: Ryan, Gillibrand Speak on Social Mobility at Brookings
arrow  January 6, 2014 What You Need to Know About the Unemployment Insurance Debate: Talking Points; Rubio Addresses Income Inequality in New Video
arrow  December 2, 2013 Update on Female Congressional Candidates; Budget Deal Deadline Looming
arrow  November 25, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Senate Plan for Education Reform; Senate Democrats Change Rules on Nuclear Option; Budget Conference Committee Recesses Without a Deal
arrow  November 18, 2013 Failed Security of ObamaCare Website; Approval Ratings for Obama Drop Drastically; Budget Solutions May Include Farm Bill
arrow  November 11, 2013 National Republican Congressional Committee's Project Grow; Negotiations on Iran's Nuclear Arms
arrow  November 4, 2013 Obamacare Backlash; Government Waste; Important Elections in Virginia and New Jersey Today; Budget Talks: Tax Code Changes Possible
arrow  October 28, 2013 Congressional Budget Negotiations to Begin; ObamaCare: Americans' Insurance Canceled
arrow  October 21, 2013 How to Defund ObamaCare? Let Us Count the Ways
arrow  October 14, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling
arrow  October 7, 2013 Federal Government Negotiations; Two Different Fights: The Continuing Resolution and the Debt Ceiling
arrow  September 30, 2013 The Shutdown: Details & Timeline; Sen. Cruz Advocates Passing Several Smaller Continuing Resolutions
arrow  September 9, 2013 Conflict in Syria and U.S. Involvement: Part 2
arrow  September 2, 2013 Conflict in Syria and U.S. Involvement: Part 1; Executive Order Amounts to Amnesty; Blacks Lag in Economy Despite Obama's Promises
arrow  August 26, 2013 What Does Defunding ObamaCare Really Mean? What You Need to Know
arrow  August 19, 2013 Democrats Plan Voting Law Changes; Government Spending in Perspective
arrow  August 12, 2013 Obama's Economic Legacy; GOP Prepares Legislation to Cut Food Stamp Program; Government Shutdown Looms After Congressional Recess
arrow  August 5, 2013 RNC Chairman Calls Out NBC, CNN; Congressional Budget Fight Looms On; Boehner Devises Strategy Against Health Care Law
arrow  July 29, 2013 101 Million Americans Received Food Aid Last Year; REINS Act Aims to Restore Congressional Accountability; House Struggles With Immigration Reform
arrow  July 15, 2013 Common Core State Standards Initiative; Tax Code Reform Proposed; Farm Bill Update; House Votes On ObamaCare Delays
arrow  July 8, 2013 What Does the ObamaCare Employer Mandate Delay Mean for the Future of ObamaCare?
arrow  July 1, 2013 The ObamaCare Decision: Reflections on the One Year Anniversary of the Supreme Court Ruling; What Will Come Next for Student Loans?
arrow  June 24, 2013 What You Need to Know About Immigration Reform This Week; Supportive Bias of Gay Marriage Media Coverage
arrow  June 17, 2013 Senate Spat: Grassley vs. Reid; Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona Voting Law; Pentagon Faces Budget Shortage
arrow  June 10, 2013 Some Things You Need to Know About the Farm Bill; The May Jobs Report
arrow  June 3, 2013 The Fight Against Common Core; Students are Subsidizing ObamaCare
arrow  May 27, 2013 Assistance for Oklahoma Federation Members; Speaker Boehner Disparages Current Senate Immigration Bill; Obama Cabinet Nominee 'Bet Against America;' National Affordable Care Act Spurs Lawsuits
arrow  May 20, 2013 Senate Immigration Bill Compromise Struck; a Quick Update on the IRS Scandal
arrow  May 13, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Senate Immigration Bill (Final in a Series of Four); A Note About the IRS Tea Party Inquiry
arrow  May 6, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Senate Immigration Bill (Third in a Series of Four); Americans Could Have Been Saved in Benghazi Attack
arrow  April 29, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Senate Immigration Bill (Second in a Series of Four)
arrow  April 22, 2013 99.5% of Illegal Immigrant Youth Get Administration Approval for Legal Status; What You Need to Know About the Senate Immigration Bill (First in a Series of Four)
arrow  April 15, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Toomey-Manchin Bill; Great Britain Prepares for Thatcher's Funeral Service
arrow  April 8, 2013 Poll Shows Voters Identify With Republicans Ideologically; Job Growth Hits Low Pace; Gang of Eight Immigration Bill to be Released
arrow  April 1, 2013 Indiana's School Choice Voucher Law; Pew Research Poll: Republican Party Most Associated With "Strong Principles"
arrow  March 25, 2013 The Gender Gap in American Politics; The House-Passed Paul Ryan Budget
arrow  March 18, 2013 Poll Shows Party Preferences of Voters on Budget Issues; RNC Issues Party Status Report
arrow  March 11, 2013 Talking Points: Paul Ryan Releases Budget; Sequester Cuts Begin, Life Continues
arrow  February 25, 2013 An Update on Wasteful Spending in Washington from the House Majority Whip's Office; U.S. Troops Forced to Turn to Civilian Suppliers
arrow  February 18, 2013  Obama Calls on Congress to Stop Sequester; Obama Ready to Pounce on Immigration; Johanns Will Not Seek Re-election to Senate
arrow  February 11, 2013 What You Need to Know About the Sequester; Obama Proposes 29 New Programs in SOTU; More Hispanic Vote Post-Mortem
arrow  February 4, 2013 Gun Control: Interesting Facts; Affordable Health Care a Thing of the Past
arrow  January 28, 2013 Overlooked Role of Senator Kerry in Education for Sustainability; Immigration Agreement Introduced in the Senate; Texas Federation Adopts Immigration Reform Resolution
arrow  January 21, 2013 Federal Regulations Cost Reaches $518 Billion in Obama's First Term; By the Numbers: Obama's First Term

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