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The NFRW launched the Building Renovation Project in 2009 to raise money to restore the Federation’s historic national headquarters in Old Town Alexandria, Va.

“Our Grand Old Lady was starting to weep,” said Shirley Sadler, NFRW president, 2008-09. “Her exterior, in particular, really needed help. In past years, the roof had leaked, causing damage to the inside of the building. The weather had attacked the windows, several of which were last replaced in the 1950s. The wood around the frames had rotted, and they were leaking water on the inside. The shutters were in dire shape, with slats falling and latches malfunctioning. The paint was deteriorating. Our building was in sad shape."

In 2008, the structure underwent an award-winning, historically-accurate exterior update, including new paint, windows, shutters and hardware. The project had to meet the approval of the City of Alexandria, which maintains strict standards in an effort to preserve the historic nature of the Old Town district. The approval process took several years.

Burch Builders Group of Warrenton, Va., received the Contractor of the Year award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for the exterior project.

“She now is elegant and beautiful,” Sadler said in 2009. “She is an asset, not only to us, but to the whole city — an asset that will increase in value.

  Before-and-after pictures of the exterior renovation [PDF, 2 pages]

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NFRW headquarters NFRW headquarters NFRW headquarters NFRW headquarters
NFRW headquarters NFRW headquarters    

NFRW headquarters

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