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Mamie Eisenhower Library Project


MELP Book of the Week

MELP Book of the Week

Pilgrim Pups

by Nancy Arnold, NFRW Literacy Committee member


At last, the third volume in Nancy Arnold's award-winning children's Pups series is here! 

This time Nancy captivates us with the adventures of two courageous canines taking part in the earliest events of American history. In Pilgrim Pups, Merry and Miles join their master Barth on a voyage to a New World aboard the legendary Mayflower. The journey is long, difficult, and dangerous. Making a life in the wilderness will only be more so. Bears, Indians, and natural disasters are only some of the perils that await them. In the end the courage, strength, and love of two pups will make all the difference in turning a dream of a new life in a New World into reality.

Once again, Nancy's sparkling and rhythmic rhyming verse enchants young readers, teaching them about a crucial moment in North American history while entertaining them with an exciting story of survival. Ellen Berger's delightful illustrations only enhance the story's appeal for young readers. As with Patriotic Pups and Pioneer Pups before, Pilgrim Pups can be an effective aid for teachers of young children, and is also an enjoyable and educational read for older elementary school children that will improve reading skills and vocabulary. 

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About MELP

The Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP) is the NFRW’s oldest program, celebrating more than 50 years of book donations from an approved list to schools, libraries, hospitals and other public institutions.



Bookplates are mailed to clubs upon receipt of the list of books to be donated. This enables the Literacy Committee to track the numbers and names of books being donated by Republican women across the country.

To request bookplates, clubs should send a list of the books they are donating to Literacy Committee member Cathy Percefull. Include the club name, the title and author of each book, and the address to which the bookplates should be sent. Bookplates will be mailed in return.

The Literacy Committee will provide the state presidents with a list of participating clubs and the number of books they donate each year.



Additions to the MELP Recommended Book List are made periodically, and the committee encourages recommendations from members.



MEMBER TIP: Download past MELP Book Lists by logging in and visiting the Digital Resource Library.