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Education and Political Programs

  Campaign Management Schools - grassroots seminars held throughout the country in which nationally-recognized experts teach invaluable skills to candidates and campaign workers 

Election Resource Center -
resources, materials and information on federal, state and local elections [MEMBERS ONLY] 

Legislative Action Center
- information regarding important legislation, advocacy efforts, research organizations, elected officials and more 

Legislative Action Alerts
- e-mail alerts initiated by the NFRW president to generate support or opposition for an issue or legislation that concerns members 

Candidate Recruitment
- effort to identify and encourage Republican women to run for elective office

Leadership Development and Mentoring - resources, links and program ideas designed to help members initiate mentoring programs [MEMBERS ONLY]  

Conventions, meetings, seminars and workshops
- biennial national conventions and other meetings and programs that bring Republican women together to conduct Federation business, to acquire important skills and knowledge, and to discuss issues and legislative advocacy       NFRW Calendar

Legislative Day at the U.S. Capitol
- an opportunity to attend Congressional committee hearings, visit with Members of Congress about legislation, and participate in issue briefings; held in the spring of odd-numbered years


Communications and Technology

  Republican Woman magazine - this official publication and primary communications tool is available to all dues-paying members 

Member Center
- this technological counterpart to NFRW's magazine provides access to a national network of information and interactive capabilities [MEMBERS ONLY]  

  E-mail network - updates and information (including the weekly Political Briefing, the weekly e-newsletter Capital Connection, and the monthly newsletter NFRW Round Table) are distributed free of charge by e-mail to members who sign up for this service 


Community Service

  Caring for America - encourages volunteerism and private sector initiatives at the local, state and national levels [Download the forms for the Caring for America award]

Armed Services/Homeland Security
- encourages local clubs and members to show support for the Armed Forces by engaging in projects that aid our U.S. troops and their families 

Education and Literacy
- a series of programs that promote education and literacy in our nation's communities 

Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP)
- fosters Republican principles and ideas through the donation of related books to libraries, schools, hospitals and other institutions (the NFRW's longest running program)  

- resources, links and program ideas designed to help members raise awareness of flag protocol and promote patriotism in their communities 


Scholarships, Internships and Awards

  Dorothy Kabis Memorial Internship - awarded to young female undergraduates each summer 

National Pathfinder Scholarship
- awarded annually to female college students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate studies 

Betty Rendel Scholarship
- awarded annually to female college students majoring in government, political science or economics 

NFRW awards programs -
a series of awards given every two years at the NFRW convention in recognition of excellence at the state and club levels [MEMBERS ONLY]  


Donor Opportunities

  Regents Program - the NFRW's primary donor-based group which supports a range of political education programs   

  Marion Martin Building Fund - helps maintain and preserve the NFRW's historic national headquarters located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 

Internships and Scholarships -
provide excellent opportunities to female college students annually 


Information and Resources

  Digital Resource Library - committee and issue-related resources and materials, general organizational publications and forms, awards forms, event information, graphics, and much more available to members free of charge [MEMBERS ONLY]  

  Women and the GOP - a series of historical data and current statistics, profiles of candidates and elected officials, analysis of the gender gap and more 

Fundraising Resources -
provided by the NFRW Fundraising Committee [MEMBERS ONLY] 

Membership Resources -
provided by the NFRW Membership Committee [MEMBERS ONLY] 

  Blogs and Forums -

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