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Week of February 18, 2019

Week of February 18, 2019
Posted: Feb 21, 2019
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Topic: Constitutionality of Border Wall Emergency

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Would a "border emergency" declaration by President Trump violate the U.S. Constitution or undermine the role of Congress?

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23 comments on article "Week of February 18, 2019"

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Vicki Goodman, 2/22/2019 1:40 PM

Honestly, I have read more articles on this topic. And even if you consider only those written by lawyers, they still run the gamut between "entirely constitutional!" and "no way can he do this constitutionally" and/or "what a terrible precedent it would set." This is so frustrating!

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Annette Vineyard, 2/22/2019 1:55 PM

I trust President Trump’s Decisions, as he is ‘privy’ to information that Congress is NOT!!

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Barbara Nelson, 2/22/2019 3:52 PM

Anything President Trump does cannot compare to the damage heaped on America by ex-President Obama !!!

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Joanne Ladewig, 2/22/2019 6:11 PM

Congress has had DECADES to do something about this problem and has FAILED their responsibility year after year. It's time to "Git 'er done!" We DO have a crisis at the border - and the REAL "Immorality" is that due to the lack of a secured border, we have all sorts of tragic consequences for those people who attempt life-threatening risks for themselves or their children in crossing. It's time to STOP the "coyotes" who make money on desperate people, treating them worse than animals. Victims die in terrible situations in the desert or loaded into trucks without ventilation or other necessities. Many of the women and children become victims of sex traffickers. Thousands of Americans DIE as a result of the illegal drugs coming across, regardless of entry point, and thousands of Americans DIE from criminals who've come over illegally time and again. And there are those coming in from places where they've been trained as terrorists who are infiltrating our country. THIS is what's immoral! Why don't Democrats recognize this? BUILD THAT WALL! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!

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Deanna King, 2/22/2019 9:54 PM

Congress has had decades to solve this problem but they are incapable of doing their job. They have created a vacuum that the President is going to fill.

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MARY LOU MORIN, 2/23/2019 1:56 PM

So tired of hearing how this "illegitimate" President (not my words) will endanger this country by declaring an emergency. Pres. Obama incurred this emergency ruling a couple of times. Somehow our country has withstood the ramifications of his decisions. By all means, Pres. Trump ... go for it! Do the job Congress will not do!

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Leslie Key, 2/23/2019 10:57 PM

Our U.S. Presidents declaring National Emergencies is nothing new. Ever since the National Emergency Act was passed in 1976, every single President from Carter to Trump has passed at least 2 National Emergencies. Clinton declared 17 and Obama declared 13. Most have to do with blocking property or prohibiting trade. Trump passed a National Emergency blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption. Trump’s National Emergency for Wall funding is unique because it involves appropriating money without the consent of Congress. I believe Congress has failed miserably to do its job to appropriate enough money to get the wall built. And I believe we have a humanitarian crises on the southern border. I believe our country is literally under attack right now from immigrants who ignore our immigration laws and cross our borders illegally at many places besides our ports of entry. Once inside our country, they perpetuate thousands of crimes in our communities, including murders, sexual assaults, DWIs, drug dealing and human trafficking. Trump has listened to the recommendations of our Border Patrol Agents and ICE, who have stated that a wall is absolutely necessary to secure our southern border. They have been clear that just having more Border Patrol Agents, drones, and electronic surveillance equipment are NOT ENOUGH to secure our border. Walls have been extremely effective in places like Israel for keeping out illegal immigrants and terrorists. The Democrats don’t want the wall precisely because they know that well built walls actually WORK. The Democrats are not interested in hearing the recommendations of our Border Patrol Agents or our border police and sheriffs. Democrats are colossal hypocrites who now view illegal immigration as a sure way to get government-dependent Democrat voters in the future, and they don’t care how the immigrant crime hurts our country. Caravans of immigrants are going to continue to come to our southern border until they are effectively stopped by a wall. I believe our country is truly under attack and in a state of national emergency. However, it remains to be seen how our U.S. Supreme Court will view Trump’s action.

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Anne, 2/26/2019 12:16 PM

ALL of the Reps and Sens who oppose this declaration should actually GO to the border and see for themselves that the emergency exists.

The media spin on this situation is not accurate and does a disservice to the citizens.

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