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Week of March 4, 2019

Week of March 4, 2019
Posted: Mar 7, 2019
Categories: Poll Questions
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Topic: Federal Control of Election Procedures

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Do you support giving the federal government greater control over the way states run their elections?

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23 comments on article "Week of March 4, 2019"

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Ronda, 3/7/2019 7:09 PM

I favor giving the federal government more control over state's election laws because I think many states are too lax in their laws, enabling election fraud. Since the convictions for election fraud involve a disproportionate number of democrats, we can be fairly sure that looser laws favor democrats and they are making use of that fact.

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Patsy Rusk, 3/8/2019 9:39 AM

To give federal government control over elections would be a huge mistake. The potential for corruption would escalate. I work elections and familiar with the process. Voter ID is essential to prevent corruption.. in Louisiana we have several safeguards in place and have not had the problems some states have had. I do not want California and NY to determine who wins., nor federal,politicians. Our forefathers had great insight with the electoral college. Do not abolish it.

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Kathi Rast Bennett, Texas, 3/8/2019 11:04 AM

I am also feeling that giving the Federal Government, in general, control over our elections could definitely open doors for corruption in many areas.

the electoral college works...lets keep things working.

I agree with Patsy.....Do not abolish it

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Erin Metters, 3/8/2019 11:30 AM

We were formed as a Republic for a reason - to give minimal control to the Federal Government and more control to the states. I agree that there needs to be accountability for the voter roles. The voter roles should always be updated to remove those who moved away, died, or were ineligible to enroll in the first place. Other than this, I don't want the Federal Government involved. As several said above, it could only lead to corruption as demonstrated by other Federal programs: NEA and EPA for two.

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Annette Vineyard , 3/8/2019 12:57 PM

NO, the Federal Government should NOT control elections. (It would provide a ‘hotbed’ invitation for corruption!). Each State should run their own elections, monitoring that the Voting is conducted efficiently IAW Voting Laws.

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Joanne Ladewig, 3/8/2019 2:34 PM

I believe the survey question relates to the bill HR 1 that was just voted on in the House this morning (3/8/19). This was the bill we received info on in an alert from NFRW yesterday. Democrats in the House passed the bill, but thankfully McConnell will not act on it in the Senate. However, it is a critical reminder of how important it will be to return the House to Republican majority in 2020. Please re-read the alert and see all the issues it addressed; much more than just the electoral college issue. California has made such a mess of our state election system with the approval of ballot harvesting and DMV automatic voter registration. California DMV also registers ALL residents (ie., legal or NOT) who want a driver license to drive or I.D. card, and then requires them to "opt out" of being registered to vote automatically. Some (noncitizens) neglect or choose not to opt out. We have a BIG MESS here in California and in 2020 many counties are going to all vote-by-mail ballots with option to vote for several weeks at voting centers but no option to vote at a neighborhood precinct.

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K.L. Shillock , 3/8/2019 9:41 PM

It's very simple. The more centralized control and power, the more our individual rights under the Constitution disappear. The premise applies to States as well as individuals. Unhappy with Voting procedures in your area of influence? Get to work. Even one small effort can make a may surprise you!

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Carol, 3/10/2019 1:31 AM

NO, the Federal Government should NOT control voting in all states. This is pushed by the left and whatever the left touches it destroys. If there is a way to commit voter fraud the left is already doing it and always thinking of new way to pull it off. If they are pushing bills like this having the majority in only the House, just think what they will come up with if they take the majority in the Senate, and God forbid take the White House!!! Every vote counts and we need to take back the House before America is a socialist country. As Joanne (above) said, California is what we need to prevent from happening to the rest of the states. I believe the Republicans lost the 2018 election in California due to the voter fraud the left is already good at.

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Elizabeth Joswick, 3/12/2019 11:54 AM

In general I am not in favor of giving the government more control over anything. But, when I hear about the way some other states handle their elections, it scares me. I am a poll worker and feel that here in Wisconsin our elections are run very well. Some states need better guidelines or rules in order to keep fraud out of our elections,

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Judith Lichliter, 3/23/2019 4:08 PM

I know most voted no, however I voted yes. Why-I remember ballot stuffing in the south when I was a child. Perhaps ballot stuffing happened all over the nation after WW11. But I believe it goes on today as one example of corruption and laxness of states we here about. We hear of states who let aliens who are not citizens vote in their elections. With controlled guidelines in every state the same then my vote is equal to all elections. My vote is on the same basis as Americans across the nation. Am I in favor of more control? No. But in this I want to feel equal to all citizens. I am a conservative Republican.

Avatar image, 3/30/2019 12:21 AM

m also feeling that giving the Federal Government, in general, control over our elections could definitely open doors for corruption in many areas.

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Each State should run their own elections, monitoring that the Voting is conducted efficiently IAW Voting Laws.

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