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Week of March 11, 2019

Week of March 11, 2019
Posted: Mar 14, 2019
Categories: Poll Questions
Comments: 22

Topic: Making Daylight Saving Time Permanent

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22 comments on article "Week of March 11, 2019"

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Rebecca Hedges, 3/16/2019 9:13 PM

I love the longer days of summer just the way they are with standard time! With daylight savings time, I tend to put off supper until later, which isn't as healthy, & keep working/playing outside! It's harder to get up in the morning in the dark in March, & it's really hard on children waiting for a bus in the dark mornings of October before the switch right after Halloween. I used to think I'd love daylight savings time all year round, but I'd really like to keep STANDARD time all year now!

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Lisa Morse, 3/19/2019 5:39 PM

I want to keep standard time all year! Daylight savings time is not real, it is annoying, unnecessary and unhealthy!

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Jennifer Wellsman, 3/19/2019 5:57 PM

I think it should be done away with for good. It doesn't save money or create more safety for children as it's supposed to have done. Just stay on Standard time all year around. We definitely don't want anything to do with daylight savings time in Southern Arizona!

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Carolyn Webb, 3/19/2019 6:10 PM

I don't care which time only just NOT change it twice a year.

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Deborah Weaver, 3/19/2019 6:34 PM

NO to daylight savings time. I would support Standard time year-round. Standard time provides more light in the mornings. Better for children going to school in the daylight.

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Erin Metters, 3/19/2019 8:40 PM

Absolutely not. I do think we should stay on God's time all year. The change is actually dangerous. There are more accidents during the change while people get used to the difference in the lighting. For example, I have a meeting monthly that starts at 7 PM. When the time changes, I'm driving into the sun at a different angle. I hate to admit, there are times I have trouble seeing with the sun right in my eyes.

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Anna M, Brickse, 3/19/2019 9:44 PM

Can we not get on to the real very important business at hand...... like border security immigration, et cetera. The people in this country have been living with this for years, I'm sure they have learned to work around and adjust to the situation.

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Jan Burch, 3/19/2019 10:58 PM

I love Daylight Savings Time but I oppose year-round Daylight Savings Time for one reason only: young children would be walking to school or standing outside waiting for the bus in total darkness. Nothing is more important than the safety of our little ones, It's not worth risking their safety to have it light an extra hour in the evening year round.

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Lyn Bliss, 3/20/2019 7:36 AM

Either daylight savings or standard time - quit changing. It's a hassle for everyone and everything... particularly farmers who have to try to explain changes to the animals because they have to make it to a second job on time.

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Glenda Stark, 3/20/2019 11:24 AM

Let's do away with daylight savings time and stick to standard time. Some states have already done that, which makes it doubly hard to figure out when traveling and calling. A lot of time is wasted bouncing in and out.

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Cheryl Thompson-Draper, 3/20/2019 5:25 PM

Standard time ALL the time!

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Kathie Topham, 3/20/2019 10:50 PM

I would prefer that we stay with standard time -- I know that people think we save energy by going to daylight savings time. Actually people do more driving with the extra daylight time. And I really feel for children and youth who have to deal with dark mornings and a change in their sleep and wake up times.

We gain little by daylight savings time. let's just stay with standard time.

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Dorothy (Dottie) Linden, 3/22/2019 2:39 PM

With all the critical issues facing us, it is disappointing to see this as a poll question. Our Border situation, Infanticide, anti-Semitism yes, this is not a priority for us.

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Lou Abbott, 3/23/2019 5:54 PM

I like Daylight Savings time in the summer, but I think we're starting it too early and ending it too late. I would like to begin maybe late April and end late October.

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judith lichliter, 3/28/2019 1:27 PM

I am so tired of FAKE NEWS. I am tired of FAKE TIME. That is what daylight savings time is, FAKE. I have to stop and figure out the time zones from coast to coast for business and personal calls. Calling to let family and friends know what time I'm in twice a year. My husband was a rancher, that is an on call job of 24/7. He hated the time change and it didn't make any difference in his work day. He was on GOD'S TIME.

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Marcia Miller, 4/1/2019 12:48 PM

PLEASE do not refer to Standard Time as God's Time, even in joking. You don't seriously believe that God established the concept of time, do you? To use such terminology makes you sound silly and you will not be taken seriously. That usage reflects unfavorably on all of us.

The concept of measuring time has been developed by MAN and is not established by God.

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Melanie Elmore, 4/1/2019 2:58 PM

Most people have no idea how Daylight Savings time ever got started and why it continues to this day. I remember being told it was due to the energy crisis and was a way to conserve the use of "energy". If that is so, there certainly is no energy crisis now. Rather than keeping Daylight Savings Time all year I would prefer staying on Standard Time.

I really dislike the continual dark mornings and would love waking up to the sun! Standard Time all the time!

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