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Week of March 25, 2019

Week of March 25, 2019
Posted: Mar 25, 2019
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Topic: Public Release of Entire Mueller Report

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Should the entire Mueller report be released to the public?

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24 comments on article "Week of March 25, 2019"

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K.L. Shillock, 3/27/2019 12:50 PM

Certainly! The Taxpayer Public paid for it. I'm not going to plow through it bit by bit but some Grad Students will do it for us and we'll get all angles and opinions. Actually, it'll be a good exercise in Public Policy Review. The more it's out in the open, the less the Democrats or anyone else can play interpretation games with it.

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Jan Burch, 3/27/2019 3:10 PM

I don't believe the entire report should be released to the public. Long-standing regulations prohibit releasing information that may be harmful to an individual unless that person is being charged with a crime. The only violation of this rule that I'm aware of is when Comey announced that Hillary would not be charged with the crimes she committed

Certainly portions should be released, and I know they will be. I have no doubt that the Democrats will release anything negative and withhold what is exculpatory. But rules are rules and it should not matter which party is involved. I was critical of Comey for violating the regulations. It would be hypocritical of me to approve of repeating the same infraction with the parties reversed.

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Joanne Ladewig, 3/27/2019 3:11 PM

Yes! Otherwise Dems will drag on about it through the next election cycle.

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Jan Burch, 3/27/2019 3:14 PM

In answer to K.L. above, those grad students are most likely Democrats and no more likely to be unbiased than members of the Democratic party in Ccongress would be.

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Del Schuler, 3/29/2019 2:35 PM

As much of the report that can be released according to the law.

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royprice, 3/30/2019 12:20 AM

The only violation of this rule that I'm aware of is when Comey announced that Hillary would not be charged with the crimes she committed. Stickers for Whatsapp is given here.

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Leslie Key, 3/30/2019 3:35 AM

I’d like to see as much of it released as William Barr can legally release. Confidential information and grand jury testimony must be redacted, or Barr will be breaking our laws. I’m disgusted that Mueller did not draw a conclusion about whether or not Trump obstructed justice, and did not exonerate Trump of obstruction. I believe this was deliberately done by Mueller so that our country would continue to speculate about obstruction and continue to accuse Trump of obstruction. I think this was purely political and deliberately meant to hurt Trump, because many Democrats are already refusing to accept Barr’s conclusion that Trump did not obstruct justice. They think Barr is protecting and covering for Trump. The American people just paid $30 million for this investigation, and we DESERVE a prosecutor who knows the law, can do his job, and can actually make a decision about whether or not Trump obstructed justice. This is a terrible shame, because the accusations against Trump will now continue.

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Isabella Hale, 4/1/2019 1:25 PM

I agree with the bulk the commentary above, AG William Barr is the arbiter and the curator of the Mueller report. He is aware of the limitations under the law of what can and cannot be released and I have full confidence that he will release all the information that he is allowed to under the law. The issue about Democrats "demanding" the entire report is moot and even if he did release it unredacted they will continue their feckless absurd attacks on the President and anyone associated with him. About the issue of obstruction of justice is also moot. The ONUS of obstruction of justice is on the Democrats. The Mueller Report said there was no crime or collusion: so what exactly are they saying? There has to be evidence of a crime.. which would be obstructing justice. AG Barr who has served before will do the right thing, and the Democrats will continue to resist and obfuscate and remain bitter because they lost. The more left the go the better it is for the Republicans and a win in 2020.

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Laura, 4/1/2019 7:11 PM

What is the precedent for past special investigations, i.e. Bill Clinton by Ken Starr? Watergate,etc?

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Nancy Johnson, 4/1/2019 9:41 PM

The Special Counsel investigation was done as a result of "public interest." The interest was based on unfounded claims regarding collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign from unknown sources promoted by reporting in the liberal media. The investigation was illegitimate. The Mueller Report found no evidence of collusion nor the hint of any criminal action, obviously. Perpetuating the mass hysteria of dysfunctional elected officials by having any further public activity about the report is behavior that is beneath the character and quality of those officials I support . In the vernacular, file the report in the round file.

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LaJoyce Robinson, 4/2/2019 1:49 AM

I am certain that a lot of this report could be classified and there for the whole report could not be released to the public. Let the AG do his job. It will have to be summarized.

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essaydune, 9/17/2019 7:57 AM

I additionally accept the change to another organization will be a bad dream since 1-the present organization is in steady disarray and the debates will demand to coordinate and share critical actualities to cause things to go easily.

My intense trust in the following law based president is selecting insightful, capable overseers for the workplaces important to enable America to recuperate. Most likely the cleanup will require significant investment yet it tends to be finished. Joe Biden perceives this need and has the experience and smarts to discover and designate the best.

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Tech5hop, 2/11/2020 7:55 AM

That may end up being wishful thinking, but if history is any guide, there's no telling where or when the next revelation could come. This unknown may be more than enough to cause heartburn for Trump and Republicans.

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slitherio, 7/21/2021 12:57 AM

That policy is warranted in many circumstances. The innocent should be spared, as much as possible, from the consequences of the intrusive methods that the federal government marshals to investigate potential crimes. But the special counsel’s probe was unlike most other DOJ cases: It was primarily a counterintelligence investigation, not a criminal one. It concerned the integrity of American elections, a matter of the highest public interest. And it involved the actions of elected and appointed officials in areas where they’re oath-bound to meet a higher standard than noncriminality.

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coreball , 12/7/2022 8:13 PM

Should the entire Mueller report be released to the public? It's a question that has been on the minds of many people throughout the past year. On one hand, some people believe that the report should be made public in order to provide more transparency and accountability.

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abbiemccann, 1/2/2023 1:51 AM

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