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Week of July 8, 2019

Week of July 8, 2019
Posted: Jul 11, 2019
Categories: Poll Questions
Comments: 21

Topic: Executive Action to Add Citizenship Question to 2020 Census

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Should President Trump take executive action to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census?

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21 comments on article "Week of July 8, 2019"

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Carol Focht, 7/11/2019 8:47 PM

The citizenship question has been on the census until it was removed in 2010. Permission by the populace was not acquired for removal and it is important for many government agencies to know how many citizens versus non citizens we have in any area. Also, there will be, and was, no question as to whether or not a person is in the USA legally or illegally; only citizenship status yes or no.

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Janet Moore, 7/11/2019 8:59 PM

the question appears on all job applications and drivers licenses. what is the problem? I will let my rep know.

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Karen ONeill, 7/11/2019 9:42 PM

It is important to know how many US citizens in each voting district. May detect pattern of non citizens casting votes.

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Aundrea Tidwell, 7/11/2019 10:07 PM

I don't understand why this questions is a problem and why Pres. Trump has to initiate an order. How are non citizens voting??? Are our election officials that dense?

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Patricia Dianne Gillenwater, 7/12/2019 1:48 AM

Yes our President who works everyday for this Republic and its citizen is left with very little options, the Democrats obstructionist and our elected Republicans doing little to support him.

Trump 2020!

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Pamela K. Grow, 7/13/2019 8:41 AM

I am the elected county clerk for a Missouri county and as such am the county's election authority. The U.S. Constitution speaks in Article I, Section 2 of the census for the purpose of apportionment for U.S. Representatives--only! If only citizens can vote, then for equal weighting of all citizens' votes the census must only count citizens. IF, however, the purpose is to eventually let all, citizen and non-citizen alike, vote, then it is rational to count not only citizens but non-citizens. It has to be one or the other. If all persons are counted, but only citizens vote, there will be a valid argument to be made that some voters have more heavily weighted votes (they get a larger weighted vote for Congress) than others.

Voting registrants in Missouri sign an affidavit that they are citizens. If citizenship is now an irrelevant construct, I want to be told. We all should want to be told!

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course, 1/9/2020 4:12 AM

The census should occur in the US. Because with the help of it we can identify how many people are casting votes. So that this will give an excellent idea about the votes of 18+ candidates.

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