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Week of January 13, 2020

Week of January 13, 2020
Posted: Jan 15, 2020
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Topic: Calling Witnesses in Senate Impeachment Trial

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Should witnesses be called in President Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial?

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15 comments on article "Week of January 13, 2020"

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Nancy Russell, 1/17/2020 5:45 PM

Several years of inquiry have not shown President Trump to be less than a passionately loyal American. Allowing further witnesses will only waste more time coming to the same conclusion. W;e are blessed to have a President that values human life and the country.

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toy blast, 1/23/2020 6:18 AM

That Impeachment trial is just for a show, the Democrats know that Trump did nothing wrong.

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Joy Crouch, 1/24/2020 12:01 PM

If the President did nothing wrong, why not bring in witnesses to verify his claims. The Democrats are going to use this in townhalls across the country. They will claim the Republicans cover up for Trump. It will be difficult for the Republicans to refute this argument.

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Leslie Key, 1/24/2020 4:16 PM

It is the responsibility of the House of Representatives to make the case and provide the evidence for impeaching a President. The Democrats In the House made the conscious decision NOT to subpoena witnesses like Mr. Mulvaney and John Bolton, because they knew President Trump and his team would claim Executive Privilege and it would have to be litigated in our Court. The Democrats wanted to rush this impeachment sham through before Christmas, and we’re not will to wait for the Court to decide about witnesses and documents.

That was Nancy Pelosi’s fatal error. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats already claimed that the House had “overwhelming evidence” for impeaching the President. Now they have changed their tune and say they need MORE evidence, because they know they have a WEAK case for impeachment.

It is NOT the job of the Senate to gather additional evidence and call more witnesses. It is the job of the Senate to decide if the President should be removed from office, based on the evidence and the Articles of Impeachment that the House of Representatives presented to them. The House is now expecting the Senate to do its job for them. Nancy Pelosi blew it.

Not only that, but Jerry Nadler insulted EVERY Republican Senator by claiming that if the Senate did not call for additional witnesses, they were traitors to their country.

Democrats seem to believe that Presidential Executive Privilege is a toy to be dismissed, rather than a Constitutional RIGHT of every single President. Except Democrats claim Presidential Executive Privilege when THEY want to claim it, such as when President Obama claimed Executive Privilege when he didn’t want his own Attorney General Eric Holder to testify before Congress about the Fast and Furious. George Washington first claimed Executive Privilege, and many Presidents since then.

This is ALL Democrat scheme to make vulnerable Republicans in the Senate take tough votes on impeachment witnesses and documents, so that they lose their Senate seats in November and Chuck Schumer and the Democrats take back the Senate. This is all purely political power games by the Democrats, to weaken the President’s chances in November and to take back the Senate. Look at old videos of the Democrats now trying to impeach Trump. They said EXACTLY the opposite things about impeachment that they are saying now, when they were defending President Clinton. Except that Clinton actually committed impeachable crimes, such as lying under oath.

The President’s team will make their defense of President Trump starting on Saturday, something they NEVER got to do with the SHAM and Unconstitutional process they conducted in the House of Representatives.

Democrats held a completely unfair process in the House, and now Democrats are DEMANDING fairness in the Senate. The American people see through this hypocrisy and partisan political SHAM of an impeachment.

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Phyllis Fletcher, 1/25/2020 1:42 AM

No! After the President's team presents their case, the Impeachment Trial should be given the cut off at the neck sign (so to speak)! Just as the Democrats should have given Adam Schiff after the first 8 hours of the tyrantical speech he put the Senate and all of America through these last two and a half days. The Senate should present the President's case then take a vote – PERIOD.

Let the whole Ukrainian incident be handled by the Justice system. Do not put it in the hands of the Congressional Representatives to spew their venom again to the entire world for who knows how long!!.

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Terri Streeter, 1/26/2020 5:06 PM

I agree with above comments. The House decided on impeachment at time of inauguration. Their circus is a smoke screen to waste time and Sabbatoge what Trumps wants to do for the American People. As comment above stated, the house should have done their job to bring a legitimate case for impeachment. Since there was no crime, no evidence, no witness should be called and case closed. I hope the American people realize the democrats have done NOTHING for the American people. They really haven’t done their job and should be fired.

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