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Week of February 17, 2020

Week of February 17, 2020
Posted: Feb 19, 2020
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Topic: President's Tweets About Department of Justice Cases

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Attorney General Bill Barr has asked President Trump to stop tweeting about U.S. Department of Justice cases. Do you agree with the Attorney General?

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16 comments on article "Week of February 17, 2020"

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Leslie Key, 2/20/2020 11:37 PM

President Trump has the First Amendment right to publicly comment or Tweet about pending Justice Department cases. However, just because he has the right to do it doesn’t mean he SHOULD do it. I think Trump should respect A.G Barr’s request to stop Tweeting about Justice Department cases, because those Tweets are making Barr’s job much harder.

To the media and the Democrats, those Tweets just mean that Barr is getting public signals to do Trump’s personal Presidential bidding - instead of administering justice equally under the law. The Democrats have already asked Barr to resign and have suggested impeaching Barr. A.G. Barr’s job is demanding enough as it is - he doesn’t need these additional headaches and pressures caused by Trump’s public Tweets and comments.

Barr came out of retirement to serve as Attorney General for a second time because he wants to help our country. Barr is an excellent Attorney General - smart, fair, just, nonpartisan and impartial. He knows the law and he will NOT be bullied by liberal partisans who want to hurt Trump.

Trump would be wise to respect Barr’s request. Trump NEEDS Barr a whole lot more than Barr needs the job of Attorney General - again. It would be devastating for Trump if Barr were to quit in frustration.

I believe Trump should WAIT until the Justice Department‘s reports and investigations are completed, and THEN make his opinions known. Trump can wait - he has the executive power to pardon people and commute jail sentences after the individual cases have been adjudicated.

I didn’t like it when President Obama made public comments about cases under Justice Department investigation, when Obama was our President. And I don’t think Trump should publicly comment or Tweet about Justice Department cases, either.

Attorney Trey Gowdy holds this same point of view.

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Vicki Paris Goodman, 2/21/2020 7:34 PM

I have come to view President Trump's tweets as a very effective way for him to get around our hopelessly biased media. However, he should take care, with the content and timing of his tweets, not to hamper the AG and his ongoing investigations. Appearances matter, and we don't want the president making the AG and others look like they have colluded on outcomes.

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Karen, 2/21/2020 8:59 PM

President Trump has just been shown some respect from the American citizens. He should now take the high road and quit tweeting any controversial comments. He proved his point with the fake news and the plots against him. He would gather more supporters if he would just do this. It is now time to appoint his chosen men/women who are his supporters. Protect his interests.

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K. L. Shillock , 2/21/2020 11:56 PM

It's way past time for him to adroitly close his mouth. Please do what you can to send the message. The President has a hard time listening. The high-road conveys

statesmanship. Will someone please come up with an effective method of getting that point across to him. If it doesn't happen, he's going to loose too many women voters. He just keeps supplying the Democrats with ammunition.

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Betty L. Pettus, 2/22/2020 10:15 AM

President Obama used the mainstream media and alternative media (social and others) to reach people and get his message across. While President Trump does not have the support of mainstream media, he has masterfully harnessed social media to use to his advantage. And, I love it. However, as in Kenny Roger's song The Gambler, "you have to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em." In regards to DOJ cases and some other instances, President Trump needs to know when to "hold 'em (his tweets)." President Trump used to say how stupid it was for the Obama administration to tell the enemy all of its plans beforehand. With regard to the DOJ cases, he is doing the same thing. As brilliant a negotiator and deal-maker President Trump is, he is not an attorney. He appointed AG Barr to do a job. The president must let him do it. He should honor AG Barr's simple request. By doing so does not take away the president's 1st amendment rights and/or "voice." It just suspends his voice where he has no legal expertise and prevents compromising AG Barr's efforts.

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DonnaMarie Kuhn, 2/23/2020 3:41 PM

I believe if Barr feels like the tweets are interfering with his investigations then at least President Trump should wait until Barr gives the OK for the President to say something about the investigations or cases. Give Barr the time and privacy that he feels he needs. Lets not give the swamp the information too soon, we don't want them to know we are coming until are guns are loaded.

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Patricia Gillenwater, 2/24/2020 12:53 AM

Our good Peoples President has 1st amendment rights. I support President Trump use of social media. Keep in mind that the democrats would never stop their attacks even if he stopped tweeting tomorrow. Barr's statement was made out of frustration I think. He is a competent big boy and will continue to do his job.

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Dan, 2/25/2020 8:05 AM

Why is it so wrong to say something about it? He is entitled to giving that opinion anyway.

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Jon, 2/25/2020 8:20 AM

Hmm. Am I reading this right? I believe Trump should WAIT until the Justice Department‘s reports and investigations are completed, and THEN make his opinions known. Trump can wait - he has the executive power to pardon people and commute jail sentences after the individual cases have been adjudicated.

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