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Week of February 24, 2020

Week of February 24, 2020
Posted: Feb 27, 2020
Categories: Poll Questions
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Topic: Support For Restrictive Measures to Help Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

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Are you in favor of the federal government implementing travel restrictions and/or other measures to help prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S.?

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26 comments on article "Week of February 24, 2020"

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Debra Sweeten, 2/28/2020 1:09 PM

I am in favor of travel restrictions to protect health and safety of USA citizens.

However, if a USA citizen is out of country when a restriction to come into USA is put in place, then the USA should do all it can to help our citizens return safely, quickly to USA and then be put in a safe comfortable quarentine as needed.

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Janet Meek, 2/28/2020 1:17 PM

Restrictions hamper our freedoms, however, strongly suggesting traveling to infected countries would be prudent.

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Caren, 2/28/2020 7:52 PM

As a border state, we are always concerned. The 9th circuit just over ruled the Trump Admins. "stay in Mexico " rule. So, since NM has had Asians, Brazilians, people from all over the world come in illegally, how can we control the virus. A lot of these crossers come here sick already. How do you determine what their illness is??

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Patricia Gillenwater, 3/1/2020 3:56 AM

Of course travel should be restricted both to areas of concern and travelers from affected nations to the USA. Our borders with Canada and Mexico should be protected as well as our ports.

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Jan Burch, 3/3/2020 1:12 AM

Travel TO certain countries should be in the form of an advisory, rather than mandatory. It is far more important to institute a travel ban FROM afflicted countries. However, when Americans or other US residents choose to travel to an afflicted country, it should be with the understanding that they may not be permitted to return on their own timetable. They may be subject to quarantines or temporarily barred from returning altogether to prevent infecting others.

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Leslie Key, 3/5/2020 7:12 AM

Yes, I am in favor of the federal government implementing travel restrictions to prevent an outbreak of the Coronavirus. This is exactly what President Trump did by temporarily banning people in China from coming to the United States. Trump made exactly the right decision, and I'm sure his travel ban prevented the Coronavirus from spreading much more rapidly in the United States. The liberal morons in the mainstream media who have Trump Derangement Syndrome called Trump a bigot for implementing this China travel ban. These media morons attack Trump for ANY action he takes, including protecting the American people from disease and possible death. It is no wonder that so many people have lost trust in the mainstream media. At the same time, the liberals want open borders, not concerned at all that illegal immigrants. who have communicable diseases sneak into America from other countries.

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Travel from the impacted countries to the USA should, of course, be limited both to areas of concern. Our Canada and Mexico borders and our ports should be secured.

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