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Week of April 13, 2020

Week of April 13, 2020
Posted: Apr 16, 2020
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Topic: Suspending Civil Liberties to Mitigate COVID-19

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Are you willing to temporarily give up civil liberties in order to mitigate COVID-19?

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21 comments on article "Week of April 13, 2020"

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Darryl Jacobson-barnes, 4/17/2020 3:14 PM

The science behind the shutdown is just not there. The models have failed miserably, and basic common sense needs to prevail. It is interesting to look at the so called flattening in each state, and compare it to the will see that the curve follows the infection, not the shutdown...there are peaks and valleys that match both before and after the shutdown, based on the 14 day quarantine period...quarantine the sick, social distance your six feet if you feel that necessary, and wash your hands. Dr Price of Cornell has stated this is a very easy virus to kill just by basic hygiene. If you are sick stay home, if you know someone is sick avoid them. Stop supporting the socialism of big government fixes and get the country back to work. If the till is dry and we are obviously able to handle the medical needs in the country based on the number of medical practitioners being laid off, then it is time to let them get back to work and also to start building our herd immunity so that we don't have a major second waive in the fall. There is so much more I could say here, but will defer to suggesting you go to the page of Tempe Republican Women and view some of the conversations there. Protests are starting throughout the Country as well, over the shutdown. We are supposed to be the party of liberties...look at the stats in South Korea with NO shutdown. Also look at the success in the first study in NYC on Hydroxychloroquine...With over 600 participants there were zero deaths and all recovered! This is a very cheap drug which means if it is effective, then this is probably the cheapest virus in history to treat. Follow the science not the media hysteria, nor the Cuomo political show. Talk to the citizens! Watch for the protest in Arizona on Sunday and Monday at high noon...the wave is here...

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J. Ladewig, 4/17/2020 7:28 PM

Although I am very hesitant about giving up ANY civil liberties, I understand the gravity of this new pandemic which still has many unknowns, is more contagious than seasonal flu, and potentially more deadly, because carriers with no symptoms may not realize they have contracted it and end up spreading it to many more people. There have also been some instances of recovered persons being re-infected or relapsed.

However, I agree that those concessions must be temporary, and I am personally very concerned about several governors running rough-shod over our rights as well as several police departments abusing their authority in arresting people in parks for playing ball with their own kids, taking a drive in their cars, or attending a drive-in church service. That is definitely NOT OK!

I do hope this time at home with kids released from school is an opportunity for parents or grandparents to read through the lessons and materials their kids are learning from and compare the curriculum to their own family and spiritual values. Some states are employing very radical departures from our traditional educational standards, and more parents need to be more aware that this may have crept into every subject area of the school day, not just the radicalized "sexxx ed" with Planned Parenthood even setting up clinics on some campuses.

That being said, I am happy to hear that many people are turning back to God, praying more, and more concerned with their faith, despite the ridicule from some in the media. Many temporarily away from work are hearing conservative talk radio perhaps for the first time, hearing "the other side" of issues, and recognizing the duplicity of the Democrat Socialist party, for that is who is now leading the party. I've heard more than one former Democrat say "I didn't leave the Democrat Party, the party LEFT me!" They recognize the leftists have taken over the party and it no longer represents their American values. Kudos to our President for dramatically showing them how much better and faster America "works" when BUSINESS can step up and churn out what America needs in tandem with government. While "Hidin' Joe Biden" is sadly the best the Democrats have to offer, President Trump has shown himself to be the workhorse/war horse we need in this battle! While Nancy and her house "fiddle" and demand money for pet projects, the American people are seeing her and her cronies for what they are, small-minded and scheming at the expense of American workers.

This virus may be their Achille's Heel and Trump's triumph! But take nothing for granted - we must work hard to get Trump re-elected by both vote total AND Electoral College, secure the Senate, and tip the House back so the impeachment nonsense will come to an end. And we must NOT allow our civil liberties to be restricted one more minute than absolutely necessary!

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Vicki Paris Goodman, 4/17/2020 10:04 PM

I've read respected conservative columnists just today who say that those of us who advocate against this shutdown are advocating for the absurd. Well, count me in. So be it. I haven't seen anything yet that suggests that this is worse than a typical severe flu season. To top it off, the data on both numbers of cases and numbers of deaths from the virus are hopelessly skewed. The data reflecting numbers of cases has not been adjusted for the degree of testing done in different areas. And the numbers of deaths include those of people who would otherwise have died soon from other illnesses. How helpful is that?! It's not. Recommend that the elderly and health-compromised stay in, and that their caregivers take extra precautions. Let the rest of us take our chances with the virus. How in the world does this not make sense?

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L. Mitchell, 4/17/2020 10:15 PM

I do not think giving up our civil liberties for ANY reason is a good idea. We are the people that have lived through generations of health scare problems and have always come out alive and well and help the next generation move forward. Have we become such a nations of wimps to fall into lock-step with the next directive from big brother?

We have survived the Spanish flu of 1918, measles, mumps, chicken-pox, WW2, polio, etc., etc. etc... When has the population ever given in to Big Government until now?

Our Bible has been removed from schools, but Muslim religion is allowed, We live with liberal ideas, but are not allowed to even salute the FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in case we might discriminate against someone's belief other than what this country was founded on.

I am so disgusted with the way this country is moving, but I am so sorry that our children will never be allowed the freedoms most of the adults in this ONCE GREAT

COUNTRY grew up with.

Thank God we have a great President Trump to help us through this time of hate, illness and total distrust of our government.

L. Erickson

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Deborah Guebert, 4/17/2020 10:34 PM

I agree whole-heartedly with the first comment by Darryl Jacobson-Barnes. The science is not there to support this shutdown. The virus is not going to go away, and as long as we behave sensibly and choose our own level of risk, we need to get on with life. All of life is risky. We don't stop driving because people get killed on the road, etc. etc.

Take a look at those advocating for shutdown. They are serious leftists with a global socialist agenda. Fauci and Birx are global AIDS program people. The same kind of manipulated testing that was used for HIV is being used for Covid-19. And in the end, it was "presumed" HIV that triumphed, and as we see now, it is also "presumed" Covid-19 that is driving up "Covid-19 Death" totals. Fake science all around. As Fauci originally said in the New England Journal of Medicine, it will be like a "bad" flu. Then the potential to destroy free market capitalism overwhelmed him, it seems.

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Leslie Key, 4/18/2020 1:13 AM

Americans HAVE been temporarily giving up their civil liberties for a month now, in order to mitigate Covid-19. America is now reaching a tipping point, where the mitigation is going to cause more harm to our country than the virus itself.

The models have been totally wrong, which does not inspire confidence in Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx. It appears to me that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are totally focused on the CoronaVirus, and are not taking into account the ruined lives caused by their mitigation demands - which results in many more suicides, depression, isolation and loneliness, increased drug and alcohol abuse, increased spousal and child abuse inside the homes, neglect of those needing serious surgical procedures, which causes more depression, and severe psychological helplessness and hopelessness as thousands of family-owned small businesses are destroyed by the mitigation.

Our U.S.economy has been utterly devastated by this mitigation, and many Democrats are gleeful about that, because it means there is a greater chance President Trump will be defeated in 2020. Many Democrats have been praying for an economic recession, and the CoronaVirus is the answer to all their prayers. Our U.S. Treasury cannot foolishly continue to print more money to try to bail out the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. This will only result in the weakening of the U.S. dollar and massive inflation and eventual total economic collapse. History shows this is exactly what happens. And if America’s economy collapses, the entire world’s economy will follow suit.

Americans are reaching a point where they are desperate to get back to work and take their chances out in public, working along with businesses that are willing to take precautions with masks, social distancing at work, and taking the temperatures of their employees. Sick people MUST stay at home and the elderly with underlying health issues should remain quarantined as the country slowly but surely gets back to work.

Americans are now publicly protesting excessive and irrational State executive orders put in place by people like Governor Whitmer, who is taking away the basic civil liberties of the people of Michigan. People are forbidden to drive to their own vacation homes, use their boats, or go outside and plant vegetable seeds in their own back yards.

Yet Governor Whitmer is fine with letting people continue to buy alcohol, marijuana, and have abortions. These industries contributed heavily to her campaign for Governor.

I would also publicly protest these kinds of unnecessary Gubernatorial executive orders that take away our basic civil liberties. Hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan have already signed a petition for the recall of Governor Whitmer, a Democrat.

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leonamargret, 4/18/2020 1:31 AM

Coronavirus COVID-19 is a recommended reading very dangerous virus that affects the human body. Till now there are many lakhs of people died from different countries all over the world. We don’t know what will be the end of this severe pandemic.

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Steff Kelly, 4/18/2020 1:54 AM

Trump was damned if he didn't and damned if he didn't.. yes.. the models were off, the doctors have a utopian way of dealing with this virus. I think they would love to treat EVERY flu season this way.

Now, our numbers are low.. I live in the hottest big city and we should be leading the way to reopening... Today.. not next week. The cure is worse than the flu. I hear President Trump say this a lot! So let's get back... I have been fearing us losing our civil liberties since March 14.

Now I'm not sure if China is really trying to start a war with us... Yikes.. what a mess, how did we get here? If I hear we are in this together one more time!!

I think the protests should be called just that.. We are all in know the rest..

My neighbors are actually talking about turning other neighbors in for celebrating Easter outside their house.. Fear is a powerful weapon to use to control. Scary to those of us who have studied WWII.

SOMETIMES, protests are worth it. 😉 Hang in and protest if you feel your rights have been violated.

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Margaret Smetana, 4/18/2020 11:34 AM

My Catholic church stopped activities because of NC Governor executive order. I think they would have done so with an executive suggestions. Our church is open for visits to the Blessed Sacrament. I am 70 and am careful to maintain distancing and wear a mask when needed. I think most stadiums and large venues would have closed without executive order.

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Helena Pitcock, 4/18/2020 12:19 PM

Temporary is the key word here! Yes I am willing, but on a temporary basis of course. I do feel we must cooperate in order to calm this pandemic but I feel some measures taken by Governors have been too far reaching. The cure cannot be worse than the disease! Our economy and our citizens are suffering too much!

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Theresa Jankowski, 4/18/2020 4:03 PM

I agree with DJ-b and others. Do NOT give up civil liberties. Models are models and only as good as the input and parameters. There is not enough space to explain. I have been tracking the cases per the Johns-Hopkins website for NYState, NYCity, NJ and Tx. First the concept was to delay the doubling to two weeks. Well we are at a month or 45 days or more. That is based on cases. The Governors, etc. are reporting absolute #s not cases/admissions, etc. in relation to population and density. Seems those were not considered in the models. Surprise--- test more and have more cases. BUT--How many admissions? How many admissions need ventilators? If the infected were treated on an outpatient basis with Hydrochroriquine+Zpak, admissions could be avoided. The Governors of NY and NJ did not permit the medications used on an outpatient basis. The original model was about the capacity of the healthcare system. The healthcare systems went to outpatient a long time ago. Did you know that an inpatient case with a trach/ventilator gets reimbursed about 20x the amount from insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. /// Why are cases being reported? and not admissions? Deaths should be reported with the comorbidities noted. When this is done --- do some modeling to 'Follow the Money.' The protests make sense. All businesses are essential. All citizens are essential. Those not retired should be allowed to work. Those retired should be allow to PLAY. For those who are fortunate enough to listen to Mark Levin on radio ---Friday April 17 with its references were an eye-opener for many. NY Governor is asking for Federal 'unrestricted funds' ------He has a 2019 budget deficit of $6 billion much before the virus--. NYC kept the subways open and limited the trains so they were more crowded. NYC has elevators and density. We and the local governments and businesses can find alternatives to keep workers and shoppers/clients safe. Common sense should be common. Stay safe and DO NOT give us any civil liberties. Find ways to protest through FACTS!!!!!!!

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Theresa Jankowski, 4/18/2020 4:10 PM


Stay safe and DO NOT give UP any civil liberties. Find ways to protest through FACTS!!!!!!!

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Fran Freedle, 4/18/2020 7:57 PM

I am willing to use a reasonable approach to mitigation. I am not, however, willing to allow power hungry governors like mine, California Newsom, to change my lifestyle. There have been no cases in my community for five days, and a very very low rate for those few cases we have. it is unreasonable to lock everyone up with so little risk. The Sheriff recently arrived and locked down a golf course - minimal contact, only healthy people playing staying reasonable distances from others. This is overkill!

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Jan Burch, 4/18/2020 8:40 PM

It is reasonable to REQUEST a short-term reduction in our civil liberties, as long as the restrictions are well-justfied and of short duration. But the strict, months long mandate that came from on-high by our Governor are neither short nor reasonable, especially when one considers the huge gaps between the projections and actuality. If government expects us to wait until vaccines are available as some of the "experts" have suggested, they will have to think again. Creating vaccines is usually at least at five-year process, and estimates are for a covid-19 virus to take at least 1.5 years. If we were to wait that long, poverty resulting from a collapsed economy would cause far more deaths thAn the virus itself. There are three factors in play and all must be taken into consideration:. our rights, our economic well-being, and lastly, the medical picture. But if the medical researchers are the SOLE resource, they would keep the shutdown going for years.

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Sheree , 4/20/2020 11:46 AM

I do not think you are asking the right question here. I do not feel that I am giving up any civil liberties. Rights come with responsibilities, and I feel like I am taking responsibility for the welfare of the country. I don't need the government to tell me what I should do, although I guess many other people do. Maybe a better question would be, "Are you willing to be a responsible citizen and not exercise your civil liberties at this time, to contribute to US society?" Maybe then we would not need feel like we were giving anything up at all. I know I don't.

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Catherine Clinton, 4/20/2020 2:43 PM

Quarantine or shutting in or social distancing is not the loss of civil rights. It is preserving life, with out which there is no liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

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Jane Ann Hackathorn, 4/30/2020 12:36 PM

Our President has done a great job at keeping us well but the Governors (Ohio’s included) are going overboard in supporting continued quarantine and the restrictions on small business. The liberal factions have used this time to create fear, instigate dependency on the government and the elimination of our civil liberties to damage our economy.

Walking in turnstiles like sheep at grocery stores is only sending the message that we will succumb to the sinister who would enslave us in the end. What we are seeing is a public willingness to give in and go along with this because the media is falsely reporting the facts — and it will not stop here if we let it! Last night, when directed into a long entry lane at Walmart, our protests were met with a man shouting, “It’s the law”! Americans are not sheep but they are behaving as such! Fear mongers and the policies enacted by corporate America are conditioning us for collapse! Right now, in Ohio, the Governor has plans to further restrict gun laws by using fear tactics during this overblown crisis. There are plans for contact tracing right now — and if you don’t know what that is, please look at that — absolutely terrifying.

We need to spread the word to preserve (not only) our 2nd amendment and other freedoms — but to demand that our governors reopen our schools and businesses.

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gfff, 5/11/2020 3:14 AM


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