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Week of April 20, 2020

Week of April 20, 2020
Posted: Apr 23, 2020
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Topic: Appropriateness of Your State's Lockdown Measures

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14 comments on article "Week of April 20, 2020"

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Annie Wang, 4/24/2020 11:33 AM

listen to the scientists.

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Margaret Smetana, 4/24/2020 12:02 PM

NC Governor Cooper extended our stay-at-home order 8 days to May 8th. I think the younger and low-risk people should be encouraged and allowed to go back to work. We older people will take proper precautions.

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MARGARET MYER, 4/24/2020 12:16 PM

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If EVERYONE would: observe social distancing, wear a mask when out in public, avoid crowded gatherings, and stay home if not feeling well, the need for government-imposed lockdown's would be lessened significantly.

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Barbara, 4/24/2020 12:28 PM

New York has not thought through the consequences of their plan to open certain upstate businesses, while continuing to keep the New York City area locked down. Under this plan, there would be nothing to prevent potentially positive people from NYC,/Westchester County/Nassau County from coming upstate to shop and/or escape the confines imposed on them because they have the highest number of COVID 19 cases in the Country. Everyone wants to return to the freedoms we had before the advent of COVID 19, but doing this would increase dramatically the number of cases and deaths and delay, ultimately, the return to a semblance of normality.

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Jan Burch, 4/24/2020 1:47 PM

To my knowledge, Virginia has the latest date for re-opening in our region - June 10. The Governor considered only one aspect, when 3 health factors must be taken into consideration:. Physical health, mental health, and economic health.

Virginia has not been hard-hit with the virus, and the number of cases is already on the decline. Therefore, May 10 (almost a month after the peak) is more reasonable than June 10.

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Kate Finis, 4/24/2020 7:23 PM

In Arizona things are not on lock down. But it is time to think about the welfare of the many folks who NEED to work. Those who are concerned for their health have many effective measures to take for protection. Meantime, businesses need to start opening up so we do not go into a deeper, longer recession/depression than will already occur. I implore our officials to continue to give us guidelines while allowing that we are ADULTS who can decide for ourselves when to "get back to normal".

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Patricia Gillenwater, 4/24/2020 10:44 PM

I too live in AZ. Lock down has gradually been loosed. Any lock down was overkill especially the disruption for those not having Wuhan Virus but needing to see doctors and those who had surgery scheduled and that pulled out from under them.

Those of us old as dirt folks and wisdom accumulated over a lifetime trend towards personal responsibility. This group less likely have to be told to wash our hands.

The damage this lockdown has brought to our Republic is enormous. Witness the overreach by the state and their all to willing technocrat partners. I truly fear for the generations to come we old as dirt knew freedom those following will not -- that is so very sad -- not too late we can and should fight back.

Getting our economy and people working again most important. There are those [dems] who want guaranteed income for all who are not essential to the Corporatocracy. America on the democrat course will be of two classes, the essential class and the others (the masses of untouchables). Sounds far fetched huh? Then there are the robots . . .

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. - Ben Franklin

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Nancy Hathcock, 4/27/2020 11:08 AM

I live in the tarnished golden state of California. Our state is controlled by liberal progressive democrats. This has been a dream come true for them. Luckily I live in Orange County, which has been turning blue. However we do have enough Republicans and independent thinkers that are vocal and making their voices heard. It is time to let people make their own decisions about their lives. Hospitals need to be allowed to open up all of their services. Right now we have plenty of beds and sanitary precautions to take care of people in our hospitals. Each day as we learn more and more about this Virus it seems that the fear mongering needs to be stopped. Of course, that doesn't work well for our current state government. Their mindset is that we do not have the brains to take care of ourselves so they must do it for us! If guidelines are put in place as to safety and we are given honest guidelines then there would be no reason not to re-open. Our Liberties are at stake. By the way, if more of our Republicans would have voted in the mid-terms Orange County would still be RED. We can't let that happen in November! Let's make this pandemic a nightmare for the Democrats!

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Lyn Bliss, 4/27/2020 3:35 PM

Why are our "leaders"(?) continuing to rely on 'projections' when there is now enough data accumulated upon which more realistic and relevant decisions could be made?????? The actions being taken in Ohio are likely to give Biden a win - our economy is tanking!

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Paula Power, 4/29/2020 2:10 AM

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is doing a fine job measuring the potential effects of COVID19, impacts to the economy, and the health of our citizens. As an individual viewing the needs of family members in assisted living facilities, and others with medically sensitive conditions, I appreciate our Governor weighing all factors in guiding decision making. Department of Health and Environmental Control, Emergency/Public Safety, and the SC Superintendent of Education are at the forefront of the emergency effort. Counties are emerging in line with the federally phased guidelines under an incremental approach.

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Paula Yokoyama, 5/1/2020 1:05 PM

Countries that locked down quickly were spared the horror of Italy, NYC and Iran. Massive death toll. My good friend in Bergamo, Italy died in the hospital. Another friend 40 years old died this week in Chicago. France and Spain had a huge death toll. Yes, the economy suffered, but as an R N. I put human life first.

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Susan Milller, 5/1/2020 3:59 PM

I belong to CFRW and I believe Governor Nuisance takes all his ques from Queen Nancy. She would destroy our beautiful state of California to keep her power. I helped to get signatures to recall him, unfortunately we didn't have enough big money behind our movement. We all have to help Change California. If we don't wake up the voters, we will be a Socialist state and Venezuela. We have to vote out the progressives or lose our beautiful state. There are so many wonderful young people moving because they see no future here .Let's get out the VOTE RED!!!

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Ginny Webb, 5/3/2020 7:42 PM

I live in Texas and Governor Abbott has opened us up at a 25% business occupancy level with social distancing. While we appreciate it, it is not enough to help our struggling businesses. Additionally he pushed opening several businesses until May 18th. Among them, hair and nail salons, gyms, bars. If you can go to a movie theater, a dentist or a spa for Botox, you can go to a hair or nail salon! I promise you the salon's are cleaner and the sanitation requirements are stricter. People are upset and fighting back. We need to allow grown adults to take care of and manage their own comings and goings. We CAN be responsible.

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Nancy Russell, 5/4/2020 10:45 AM

If it's the rainy season, and you stay inside you will not get wet. Sooner or later you have to go through the rain to the bank and store. If few are contributing to neither out of fear of getting wet, painful shortages can threaten. If you wait until the rainy season is gone, it could be too late.

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