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Week of June 4, 2018

Week of June 4, 2018
Posted: Jun 5, 2018
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Topic: Changes to the Miss America Pageant

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The Miss America Pageant has announced that it is eliminating the swimsuit competition and will no longer judge looks. Do you support this change?


15 comments on article "Week of June 4, 2018"

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Jan Burch, 6/6/2018 5:58 PM

The Miss America Pageant has traditionally been a Beauty Pageant. If they choose to ignore beauty, there are plenty of other venues. Why not just go on "America's Got Talent" or something similar? If they believe that a Beauty Pageant is outdated, just cancel the whole darn thing instead of turning it into something it was never intended to be.

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lINDA GARNER, 6/6/2018 6:07 PM


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Rosemary Manuele Serra, 6/6/2018 8:46 PM

Traditionally this is a beauty contest. Why not leave it that way and start a new contest? These non important issues are nothing but a distraction aiming to destroy our country. When are the American people going to stand strong and put a STOP to this.

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Paulette MacDougall, 6/7/2018 1:31 AM

Unbelievable, it's a beauty contest. If you don't like them, don't watch. Isn't that what the liberal left has been telling us when we talk about the shows they promote?...those shows that lack any redeeming value?

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Marie A. Dubois, 6/7/2018 9:00 AM

When we change the essence of something it no longer exists as that entity. This is similar in nature to the decision about dropping "Boy" from the Boy Scouts. If Miss America was offensive and wrong, it should have been retired and a completely new organization, with a new name and new board of directors should have been formed. "A is A and it cannot be Non A"

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Eve Hershkowitz, 6/7/2018 9:10 AM

I understand they're also changing the description from "Beauty Pageant" to "Competition". I think it would have been a better step to focus on fitness, rather than eliminating the physical aspect of it entirely. Frankly, I'm not into competitions like that, where 1 person wins everything, and everyone else who put in so much effort just loses .. I wouldn't miss it if it ceased to exist.

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Josie Hyde, 6/7/2018 5:02 PM

I don't agree with this change because it seems all of our institutions are dying out and our history being eliminated. This has always been a beauty pageant. Young women who compete do so after a lot of preparation and preliminary competing. Let anyone who wants compete prepare like everyone else.

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Patty Moncus, 6/8/2018 5:30 PM

What was wrong with having a beauty pageant? I look for beauty every where I go. Beauty is a good thing! Are we now going to see 300 lb. women competing because they have a good brain? There are other venues for something like that. Keep the beauty in America and every where. Don't get me wrong - brains are important in a beauty contest - just not the only thing that's important.

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Janie Cunningham, 6/8/2018 11:32 PM

It’s a beauty contest! Who wants to look at a bunch of “smart”, fat, ugly women parading around? Just cancel the whole thing if you must! But, please don’t call this new debacle “Miss America”.

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Yvette Haworth, 6/9/2018 6:12 AM

If she is called "Miss America" then the "contest" or pageant needs to include the beauty aspect. I've watched for decades and the swim suit competition shows women who keep their bodies physically. Most say its a bit scary, which then helps to develop and show courage and self-confidence. The pageant has been based upon beauty, talent, poise and aptitude and to win one must be well-rounded and very special. To remove the beauty aspect creates a 3-legged stool. Don't try to change our traditions and culture to fit what is politically correct or your prejudice -- just create a different contest to your liking. One thing I would change is the in-equality in the questions asked of the 5 finalist -- some are simple, others difficult.

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Helen Anderson, 6/9/2018 2:00 PM

No one likes change. Change the name and get the word "beauty" out of there if that doesn't matter any more but also change the whole contest because it won't be the same.

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Glenda Stark, 6/10/2018 12:50 PM

This is more PC haggling, just like taking the "Boy" out of the Boys Scouts. Mustn't leave anyone out. Either leave it the way it is, or get rid of it completely. These women have worked hard, most of their lives, preparing for their shot at the title and it's financial rewards. If people don't like it, they can always turn the channel. Sponsors will take the hint.

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paula Yokoyama, 6/14/2018 4:32 PM

Why can't a woman be beautiful without showing off her body in a skimpy swim suit? I have never liked this feature of the pageant. Glad it is gone.

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Patricia Gillenwater, 6/15/2018 1:54 AM

I think of myself as a conservative. I also believe that women are beautiful creatures. With pagents I see women being placed on stage as if they are a piece of meat and most often judges are male and it reminds me of a tray full of raw steaks delivered up and each male picks what he thinks is the best cut.

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Norma Lombardi, 6/15/2018 5:33 PM

Ladies, haven't we all wished we could be Miss America? Please do NOT take that dream away. It is important to be fit and bright and talented. Why not parade our achievements! Little girls and big gals and gentlemen and bad men all watch the Miss America Pageant. I like the hairdos and evening gowns and talent. It a pleasurable production that we all enjoy watching. Please do not take anything away from the original format. It's AMERICA!!!

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