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Week of June 15, 2020

Week of June 15, 2020
Posted: Jun 17, 2020
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Topic: Statehood for the District of Columbia

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The U.S. House is set to vote on statehood for the District of Columbia. Are you in favor of this legislation?

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6 comments on article "Week of June 15, 2020"

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Margaret Smetana, 6/18/2020 7:29 PM

The Founding Fathers were really intelligent. They did not give the District of Columbia statehood. I'll stand with the Founding Fathers.

DC is only 69 square miles. Rhode Island is the smallest state at 1,045 sq miles.

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Pat Bailon, 6/19/2020 4:05 PM

Rather than statehood, it should be returned to the military district that it was before.

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Glenda Stark, 6/22/2020 8:50 AM

One of the ramifications of this, I think, would be for them to be counted in the Electoral Votes. Most, if not all, are Ds, it’s not something I’m willing to give them.

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Diane Gruber, 6/22/2020 9:40 AM

Dems are pushing for DC statehood for ONE REASON: because their voters are about 5% GOP, 95% Democrats. This is yet another way to harm the electoral college. DC is a special place because it is the seat of our national government and is completely controlled by the Deep State who live off of, suck off of THE REST OF AMERICANS' tax dollars.

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Cinda Walton, 6/22/2020 2:54 PM

In California we Northern Californians and Southern Oregonians have been trying to form the State of Jefferson for years. This is a movement by the people for the people of all political persuasions who have no representation in current California politics. The state is governed by the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. To make Washington DC the 51st state is wrong. It is only a power grab by the democrats to gain more seats in congress.

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Leslie Key, 6/28/2020 12:43 PM

Giving statehood to the same district that contains our U.S. Congress would give that new state way too much political power, and it would weaken the power of our other states. Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. Also, D.C. would NEVER elect a Republican Senator to Congress. This is a blatant political power grab by the Democrats. We must NOT lose the Senate majority in November, or this could become a reality.

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