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Week of June 29, 2020

Week of June 29, 2020
Posted: Jul 1, 2020
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Topic: Government Mandating Face Masks Be Worn in Public

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Should the government require that face masks be worn in public due to the recent uptick of coronavirus cases in several states?

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11 comments on article "Week of June 29, 2020"

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Stacy Frawley, 7/2/2020 2:41 PM

We need to get the economy rolling. If we all wear masks we can, all go out and shop

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Jennifer Wellsman, 7/2/2020 3:25 PM

ABSOLUTELY NOT--this is about our personal liberty (which this country is built on) being taken away. Too many studies show masks don't work, even the best, and the CDC has been lying to us for years as has Dr. Fauci--he was wrong on HIV-AIDS, swine flu, Ebola, H1N1 and his predictions and models have been wildly wrong on this latest attack on our country and our economy and our LIBERTY.

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Darlene Ross, 7/2/2020 3:36 PM

Face masks should be worn at our own discretion. Some places you can spread out so you do not get close to other people. I would like to see move mask is grocery stores as people can't seem to break old habits of going one way one in aisles. This is a liberty and people should use common sense and not have to be mandated by the government. Our liberties are being taken away to much by the government.

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Priscilla Nichols, 7/2/2020 3:53 PM

I voted no due to the fact that education has been completed thoroughly with the public. I believe the general public has the knowledge they need to make good choices. Some will follow it and some will not.

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Faith, 7/2/2020 4:22 PM

I believe in personal responsibility. I don't want government dictating to me how to take care of myself.

Aside: An important issue that needs attention is that no ADVOCATE is allowed to accompany patients in the hospital. I have e witnessed first hand how devastating this is to the patient and their loved one. I believe it is criminal

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Vicki Goodman, 7/2/2020 6:49 PM

When will Republicans stop succumbing to mainstream media alarmism and the push to rob us of our constitutional rights? I acknowledge that there is a lot of contradictory information on the virus, and people generally trust different sources. But wearing a mask everywhere I go is a bridge too far for me, especially since it's been widely acknowledged they do very little to stop the virus in either direction. Most new cases appear to be in the younger population, who are not at risk, and some of the uptick is from increased testing. Hospitalizations and deaths from COVID have plummeted, which are the only numbers that matter. Some media report AZ hospitalizations are way up, but that appears to be from delayed surgeries being rescheduled. But good luck getting the media to be honest about that little factoid. Given all this, I hate breathing my own exhale, especially during the heat of summer. And everyone looks so damn weird wearing these things! I prefer to step aside when someone elderly or unhealthy-looking passes me in a grocery store aisle. I'm not wearing a mask unless I have to.

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Deborah, 7/2/2020 9:27 PM

I cannot believe this question is even being considered by a supposedly conservative, freedom of choice supporting party! What happened to our constitutional rights of privacy and bodily security from unjust imprisonment or muzzling? This virus is very unpleasant, but it is not fatal for the vast majority of people, the exceptions being people who with already compromised health. The median age of death in our county (Delaware, OH) is 85 yrs old. Wearing masks is a creepy way to isolate and muzzle people. The health benefits are negative - very unhealthy to obstruct breathing, and they create warm, moist, germ-laden surfaces right in front of the most and mouth. The gaps in all fabric materials used are hundreds of times larger than the size of a virus particle. As Dr. Simone Gold says - you can't stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. Their professional use in surgically sterile situations is completely different, it should go without saying.

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Connie Tankersley, 7/4/2020 3:58 PM

We should oppose this new "Emergency Health Act" which is only being done in Arizona. It is against the law to choose who live and who dies or who gets treatment and who dose not. This must be stopped immediately.

Face masks should be required through out the entire country now.

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Kathy Miller, 7/4/2020 4:13 PM

I believe only local govt should make the wearing of masks in certain confined areas mandatory, as the impact of Covid 19 varies widely. Although I dislike having to wear them and agree there's widespread disagreement about the benefits, if the use of masks can help reduce the spread aren't I being selfish when refusing to use them? As long as we have to live with Covid, I choose not to shop around those who refuse to wear them.

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Deberra O'Brien, 7/5/2020 6:58 PM

How did we ever survive not wearing masks prior to March 2020?? I can't believe the 'lemming' approach to masks & anything related to the CCP virus that the general public is taking. Very frightening that the politicians & news-media have this 'cultural power' to deny our individual ability to 'think for ourselves' and deny our right to the promise of 'Life Liberty & pursuit of Happiness' that so many of our men have died for.

Good hygiene & the common sense to stay home if you or any of your family members are not feeling well, should be the answer - not forcing healthy people everywhere to wear masks! Who among the politicians & their staff wear masks during their work day? They are practicing a 'Do as I say, not as I DO' hypocrisy that we should pay attention to...similar to the 'walls aren't important' mantra that applies to everyone but them.

The critical concern is:

When will we be forced to wear a Tatoo or an injected tracking device all in the name of 'protecting' ourselves & others? How far will be be pushed into absurd complacency before we say 'enough is enough'!!?? Remember the fence around the pigs eating corn...I am concerned the 'last post' will be put in the ground around the USA very soon, if we keep 'politely' giving up our freedoms one by one...

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Apoplectic, 7/22/2020 5:08 PM

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