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Week of July 6, 2020

Week of July 6, 2020
Posted: Jul 8, 2020
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Topic: Withholding Federal Funding to Schools That Don't Reopen

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President Trump has announced that he might withhold federal funding to schools that don't reopen this fall. Do you support this?

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14 comments on article "Week of July 6, 2020"

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Joy Crouch, 7/10/2020 12:59 PM

We should abolish the Department of Education. The education of our children is the responsibility of parents and the local community. We do not need a dictator in chief threatening our local school boards to align with his polices. We will make decisions based on the evidence of the virus in our community.

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Joanne Ladewig, 7/10/2020 7:00 PM

Both teachers and parents are finding that kids learn best in a school setting; many do not participate or do poorly with on-line classrooms. If districts do not plan to restore school sessions on campus, they don't need Federal money.

Sadly, many children across our country rely on school meals as the only nutritious meal(s) of their day, and schools also provide a break away from some abusive or very stressful homes. Many parents will not be able to return to work until schools re-open, so the economy and family stability need kids back in school.

That being said, many states are now more interested in indoctrination of various political views or social engineering (gender studies, etc.) with the intent of destroying the rights of parents and the traditional family in America.

For this reason, many parents are opting out of regular public school and turning to homeschool or charter choices. Black and Hispanic families especially want to get their kids out of poor performing public schools and into good charters that prioritize excellence in academics and character. I applaud Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for supporting options for parents. I am appalled at the radical elements taking over our teachers' unions and professional organizations!

On the college front, what is happening with the intense indoctrination of our college kids is also appalling. Young women who have worked so hard come home from college believing they are the wrong gender, having surgery on their bodies to become "male" and attempting to grow facial hair! Maybe it's a good thing kids are off campus from college! Maybe more parents will consider online colleges that are not intent on indoctrination and the destruction of their children's physical bodies resulting in a lifetime of mental problems and regrets.

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Joanne Cowgill, 7/13/2020 10:24 AM

Those who would be most hurt by this action are the children - those who can least afford to be hurt. If federal funds are withheld, then all federal mandates for schools must be suspended.

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Slach, 7/15/2020 1:49 AM

First, the Department of Education should be abolished. Taking away state funds to have the federal government dole it back where it pleases, doesn't make sense. Cutting out the middle man would give more money to the schools. Second, there is a golden opportunely to see Home Schooling has advantages. Third, will teachers receive full time wages when they are not working or will they be treated like other workers who loss their jobs. This is a good time to demonstrate that the teachers unions are not really compared to blue color unions. When teachers strike they still get paid but may have a little inconvenience which is not true for the parents. I taught for 34 years and there is all kinds of money for needy students. Maybe not paying 6+ figured salaries to administrators would help.

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Sandra Tannler, 7/17/2020 2:25 PM

I think Betsy Devoss needs to be out of a Job. We do not need an education dept. the teachers union is corrupt and one sided. Our children , for the last two decades at least, have been taught to hate America and all it stands for. Why do you think there are so many young people who think we should become a socialist country. The Republican Party has had their heads in the sand for decades. Wake up!

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Leslie Key, 7/17/2020 5:43 PM

I’m not sure the federal government CAN withhold federal funds from schools that do not reopen.

The effort to keep our public schools closed is a Democrat political strategy designed to hurt Trump in November.

Schools in France, Germany, Norway and Germany have all reopened with NO rise in Covid cases. Children are the least likely group to contact the virus. Teachers over 50 who are concerned with getting the virus should stay home.

Children are emotionally, psychologically, socially and scholastically HARMED when they cannot go back to school and socialize with their classmates and receive in-person instruction from their teachers. Many children receive nutritious meals at school. They are less likely to be victims of domestic abuse if they go back to school.

Even so, the radical Democrat teachers unions could care less about the welfare of their students and see this as an opportunity to push a radical political agenda. Among the demands of the Los Angeles teachers union, before they will consider going back to school, is Defunding of the LA Police, Medicare for ALL, and financial support for the millions of illegal immigrants who reside in California.

The Democrat teachers unions across America fight tooth and nail to keep the last number of inner city charter schools limited, so that Black children do not have the opportunity to improve their lives in better performing charter schools. Teachers Unions are firmly against competition. Public school teachers are in no danger of getting fired, no matter how poorly they perform. They are all about money and power. They use their teacher union dues to re-elect Democrat candidates in a constant incestuous relationship of money and power. Meanwhile, inner city school children are the victims of poorly performing public schools.

We should STOP sending any donations to our colleges, who are indoctrinating our children to hate America. There are a few good American colleges that don’t do that. Send your children to those colleges.

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Leslie Key, 7/17/2020 6:07 PM

Schools in 22 European countries have all opened safely, with NO spike in Covid-19 cases - including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

See Senator Rand Paul’s video about these Covid-19 facts, in his presentation before Congress.

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ConnieGuildner, 7/17/2020 10:37 PM

The School unions are running this state... they could care less about children! Only interested in no school police... medical for all... no more charter schools! A great socialistic start.... so scary and so crazy for our children... private school is once again the only answer..... home school is better if

The family can do that....

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Jan Burch, 7/17/2020 11:24 PM

It depends upon exactly what the federal funding provides. If the funding is to cover school lunches and other meals for low-income children, the funding should be cut if the children will not be in school to eat the meals.

If, instead, federal funding goes towards expenses that continue whether students are there or not, such as building maintenance, federal funding should continue whether students have in-school classes or not.

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Barbara Bowen, 7/20/2020 9:36 AM

The public schools should be defunded and parents should have a choice. Charter of home school. There are some good home schools programs that include sports with other home school programs. Evidently the schools get $15,000 a year per child each school year. There is a proposal to give that money directly to the family for home school. If 5 to 10 students are home schooled in groups this will pay the teachers salary.

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Lisa Shearin, 8/6/2020 7:00 AM

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