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Week of September 28, 2020

Week of September 28, 2020
Posted: Oct 1, 2020
Categories: Poll Questions
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Topic: Changing Rules for Second Presidential Debate

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Should the Commission on Presidential Debates allow the moderator to cut a candidate’s microphone or change other rules for the next debate on Oct. 15?

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20 comments on article "Week of September 28, 2020"

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Linda Vilas, 10/2/2020 8:25 PM

Decorum needs to be restored regardless of the nature of the opposition candidate.The stature of a sitting president must be apparent to all viewers as an historical model of dignity and quiet fortitude.

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Jennifer Wellsman, 10/3/2020 12:27 AM

The President should refuse to debate unless they can appoint an unbiased moderator and make sure that there are drug tests and ear checks for both Biden and Trump. Trump must refuse to debate unless all three of these items are done. The currently announced moderator is even less unbiased than Chris Wallace who was a disgrace. Both candidates must answer the same questions--no softballs for Biden and hardballs for Trump.

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Cindy Hill, 10/5/2020 10:55 AM

Only if the moderator is totally unbiased...the next one is worse than Wallace. Each candidate should be required to answer all questions. Stop giving Biden a pass with easy, stupid questions while pounding President Trump!

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Margaret (Peggy) Smetana, 10/5/2020 2:22 PM

A better change to debates would be to give Candidate A a chance to answer the question, then Candidate B, then Candidate A, then Candidate B. In other words, have each candidate have a second chance to answer the question - to rebut the other candidate's .

I also think clocks, like the clocks used in a chess tournament, would be a good idea. When a candidate is speaking, whether in answering the moderator's question or in interpreting his opponent, his clock is running. Towards the end of the debate, the candidate with less time gets to speak uninterrupted until he catches up to the time used by his opponent.

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Elizabeth Joswick, 10/6/2020 5:22 PM

I think some better way to prevent interruption and keep debate on topic is needed. I just don't trust many in the media to do it fairly.

Avatar image, 11/5/2020 1:48 PM

Wow! I like the way you are asking suggestions in every topic. Keep it up!

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Amanda Orleander, 11/30/2020 2:42 AM

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