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Week of February 8, 2021

Week of February 8, 2021
Posted: Feb 9, 2021
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Topic: Constitutional Amendment Imposing Congressional Term Limits

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A bill has been reintroduced of the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow U.S. Senators to serve only two terms and U.S. House members to serve only three terms. Do you support congressional term limits?

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32 comments on article "Week of February 8, 2021"

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Glenda Stark, 2/11/2021 10:59 AM

More importantly, the bureaucrats need to be term limited. They are the ones writing the rules and regulations, then enforcing them. This gives them too much power.

We have term limits now for our politicians, it’s call voting.

We need to do a better job of watching their votes. They need to do a better job of following up with the bureaucracy’s rules, to make sure they do the intended point of the legislation. Many times the rules are written to make the dept’s job easier, not serve the citizens.

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cynthia burnet klentzman, 2/11/2021 1:20 PM

i do NOT want a constitutional convention for this to happen.

i agree with the legislative bill process as the constitution directs.

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Joanne Ladewig, 2/11/2021 4:18 PM

If we have good representatives, we work and vote to keep them in. If not, we primary them! Experience and connections among them can be very effective. We're not in Washington & Jefferson's time any more, we need people with specialized skills and specific qualifications, experience AND INTEGRITY. Those candidates are few and far between.

We may not like everything they do (and I do want the "swamp" cleaned out), but each seat has a different balance of conservative to liberal vote swing, so we can't expect every Republican seat to be either conservative or centrist.

Here in California we have term limits and it hasn't helped! - they just rotate around and eventually end up on all kinds of state boards collecting per diem expenses. Instead of term limits, let's focus on getting better candidates qualified to run and primary those Republicans that don't represent OUR values!

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Margaret Smetana, 2/11/2021 6:08 PM

Ordinarily I would say to leave the Constitution alone. The Founders were smarter than we are. We can achieve term limit by voting the current members out. However, no one does this. The incumbent usually win the primary although conservative/tea party groups try to get more conservative people elected than the incumbents. Then, do you vote for a Democrat rather than an incumbent Republican who is leftist or only in the Congress to make himself rich or powerful?

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Patricia, 2/11/2021 6:33 PM

I agree with Glenda Stark above and could not have said it better. We, the voters, control how long our Senators and Congressmen and women stay in office. Appears so many of our problems are the actually result of actions by various staff and bureaucrats. How do we stop the non-elected?

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Patsy Walker, 2/13/2021 7:41 PM

Elections have consequences, and it's up to us to educate American people to vote and be active in the political process. I do not like the idea of just legislating the role of the American citizens, and that is VOTE! Determine who best represents your values and support him or her.

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Georjene Tilton, 2/14/2021 9:24 AM

While I think the term limits set in this bill are too low, I believe that having term limits in the US Congress is a way to reign in the power and “favors” that are currently pervasive. While some say elections are term limits, it is nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent with their huge campaign funds, especially those who serve on powerful committees. Term limits that are a bit longer, would alleviate the problem of making the bureaucracy more powerful and of knowledge drain. I am for Convention of States, a plan for a constitutional convention with several items giving the citizens more control of Congress, including term limits and a balanced budget, and making them subject to every law they pass.

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Martha Miller, 2/14/2021 2:18 PM

I definitely agree with term limits. I also agree with two terms for Senators. However, House Representatives should probably be able to serve more than 3 terms.....perhaps 6 terms which would be the equivalent of two terms for Senators. I agree with the comments about having the ability to control term limits by voting; however, it doesn't seem to work out that way. The power gained when they get to DC consumes many and they seem to forget their own constituents. I also share the concern stated by others of the embedded staffers and bureaucrats who are or become so very partisan. We must make our voices heard!

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Faye Robinson, 2/14/2021 3:39 PM

I do believe the U S Congress should have term limits just like mayors, governors, and presidents of the United States. Since only 1/3 of the Senate runs at one time, the Senate would not have all new members at once.

The elected officials should be able to accomplish their agenda in 12 years. While I agree 2 terms for Senators is reasonable, I would like to consider the House having a 4 year term with 3 terms for a total of 12 years. The House member has to spend so much time campaigning and less time in Congress. My desire for term limits would make DC less swampy. As former Senator Fred Thompson remarked, "DC has more bad actors than Hollywood."

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Jo Rae Perkins, 2/14/2021 5:02 PM

I support term limits. Constitutional Amendment.

12 years total in Congress: 2 terms as US Senator or 6 terms as a US Representative. Or 1 term as a US Senator and 3 terms as a US Representative. And no more. That means if a person is elected mid term, the clock starts ticking. They may not run again after sitting out an election cycle. 12 years maximum.

It would need to be implemented just like the founders did with the 1/3 of the senators up for election every 2 years. We would want to start with those serving the longest.

Jo Rae Perkins was the US Senator nominee in Oregon for 2020. She has filed for the US Senate for 2022 to unseat Senator Ron Wyden. Her website is

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