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Week of February 22, 2021

Week of February 22, 2021
Posted: Feb 25, 2021
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Topic: COVID Stimulus Bill

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Should Congress pass the COVID stimulus bill?

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26 comments on article "Week of February 22, 2021"

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Margaret , 2/26/2021 2:06 PM

Although some basic relief might be in order, the draft bills all include far to much extraneous funding, much of it totally unrelated to pandemic relief.

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Dorothy J. Blalock, 2/26/2021 2:13 PM

I would ok COVId bill if all non-COVID expenses are eliminated. I do NOT support bailing out states with on-going budget faults.

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Lynn Meadows, 2/26/2021 2:19 PM

Way too much pork in this bill, like most of them coming down the pike. I live in California, unfortunately, and do not approve of the Silicon Valley subway nor bailing out our underfunded pensions. We have a $10 million surplus now and are still trying to build that unneeded high-speed railroad through the central valley! We need a new Governor.

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Barbara Ellman, 2/26/2021 2:20 PM

The Covid Stimulous bill should be passed only after all of the extranius add ons that are totally unrelated to helping people and small businesses have been removed.

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Fran Freedle, 2/26/2021 2:30 PM

Congress should not be using the Covid bill to provide funding for bankrupt states like California, nor funding museums and other favorite pork barrel projects. The bill should only contain help for those affected by Covid and nothing else. There are too many who really need help to waste it on those who don't. But maybe with the democrats in control, the American people will see their dishonest ways while they suffer the impacts of such poor financial decisions.

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Gayle Merz, 2/26/2021 3:41 PM

Take out the pork in the bill and give the funds to the people who need it, namely the people who have been paid off and owners of small businesses.

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Veronica Arnold, 2/26/2021 4:34 PM

This "stimulus" bill should absolutely not be passed. If they cut out everything that had nothing to do with Covid-19 and increased the payments to individuals by that amount, then I could possibly go with it. They should also cut out the part that says Federal employees with children whose schools are closed due to the pandemic will be paid to stay home. Let's not play favorites here!

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Kathleen M Bell, 2/27/2021 6:03 PM

The Democrats put that extra money in the bill, let them take it out! The extra millions, billions for bail outs, railroad, museums, and to beef up Obama care by offering huge stipends if you join.... because not enough people signed up for it and they need to show it is working! Give me a break! It gets worse-What does minimum wage have to do with COVID? We have to pay attention and say enough is enough! Give a stimulus to those that need it now! God bless Donald J Trump-we have to carry on until we can get him back.

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Leslie Key, 2/28/2021 10:20 PM

Congress should not pass this horrible “Covid” bill. Only 10% of this “Covid” bill has anything to do with Covid relief. The other 90% of this monstrosity is a Democrat special interest wish list, such as massive spending on new green energy projects, bailouts for poorly managed and fiscally insolvent Democrat states, more money for Obamacare, a new subway in Nancy Pelosi’s district, and billions of dollars which would be sent overseas to other countries. Our country has not even SPENT almost a trillion dollars that has already been allocated in recent budget bills passed by Congress.

I believe this new 1.9 trillion dollar bill the radical Democrats want to pass will add so much to our already dangerously high national debt that it will cause massive inflation in our US economy. The Republicans in the US Senate must do everything they can to stop this horrible bill from passing. Republican Senators should demand a bill that concentrates solely on direct relief for suffering Americans affected by COVID.

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Olivia McCaffrey, 3/2/2021 1:19 PM

Only if they take out all the pork.

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Joy Crouch, 3/2/2021 1:34 PM

According to the list of items that should be left out, I agree. But, one item puzzles me.

Why should funding for blue states be elimanted? Are there funding in the bill for Red States? I do know that funding for Red states was included in the first Covid relief bill under President Trump. I didn't see any objection in this newsletter then. If the state governments need help, it should be done irreguardless of how the population of individual states vote. This is America and all citizens should be treated equally.

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Yeo Jin Goo, 3/4/2021 7:48 AM

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