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Week of April 12, 2021

Week of April 12, 2021
Posted: Apr 14, 2021
Categories: Poll Questions
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Topic: Statehood for the District of Columbia

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The U.S. House is set to vote next week on legislation that would make the District of Columbia the 51st state in the union. Do you support this?

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14 comments on article "Week of April 12, 2021"

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RobbieAnn White, 4/16/2021 6:27 PM

NO, the property was set aside so that no state would have influence over the capital of the US. Unused land has already been returned to one donating state. If there is anything to happen the property not used for government use should be returned to the state who gave it. I believe the land came from MD and VA. VA would be the one to receive the property they want to turn into a state. Another problem: what about the property owned by foreign governments???? HAHAHA

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find a word, 4/23/2021 4:54 AM

If not us, who? If not now, when?

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Margaret Hobble, 4/23/2021 12:17 PM

As RobbieAnn White wrote, Washington, District of Columbia, was separated purposely from the states. While proposing new legislation that is very obviously Un-Constitutional seems not to matter to the Democrats, voting to make Washington, D.C. a state is exactly that. They are so blinded by their quest for absolute power, hatred for this country as it was defined by the Founding Fathers and their total acceptance of socialist/Marxist policies, nothing will deter them from attempting everything they can think of to attain their goals.

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