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Week of April 19, 2021

Week of April 19, 2021
Posted: Apr 21, 2021
Categories: Poll Questions
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Topic: Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan

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Should U.S. forces be withdrawn from Afghanistan?

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15 comments on article "Week of April 19, 2021"

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Bev Hirzel, 4/23/2021 11:57 AM

It is time we bring our troops home from there. I also think we should not be in Germany and many other foreign countries. We are not the watch dogs for the world.

These countries need to enforce their own defense systems.

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Jan Burch, 4/24/2021 1:34 AM

While I tend to think that it's time to come home from Afghanistan, the withdrawal should not be unconditional. There must be verifiable promises from the Taliban and assurances that the Taliban will lay down their arms and never again provide a haven for al-Qaeda and similar terrorist organizations to plan attacks against the US or others.

At the same time, I will also concede that there is too little news being reported from the Middle East, and there may well be circumstances of which I am unaware that would affect whether or not the troops should come home. Iraq and Afghanistan used to be on the nightly news every day. They should be again for as long as we have troops in those countries.

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Leslie Key, 4/25/2021 1:11 AM

I do not think it wise to completely withdraw all of our troops from Afghanistan, which had long been a haven for terrorist organizations. We can withdraw most of our troops, but we should definitely leave a small contingent of our soldiers in the country. We do not want another 9/11 terrorist attack, which originated in Afghanistan. America must never let its guard down - it could happen again.

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