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Week of April 26, 2021

Week of April 26, 2021
Posted: Apr 29, 2021
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Topic: Biden's First 100 Days

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13 comments on article "Week of April 26, 2021"

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Dee Hodges, 4/30/2021 5:03 PM

The Biden Administration has gone "all out" on abolishing jobs, making Americans dependent on government, creating inflation through massive spending. Check out every bill and you can see how these things are happening. A $15minimum wage means jobs would not go to Americans, but rather illegals who would be willing to work off the record. We must work to make sure that states have free and fair elections ruled by state legislatures.

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joyce Peterson, 4/30/2021 6:03 PM

I am 78 years old. In my opinion, Joe Biden had done more damage in his first 100 days than any president in my memory. He seems intent on ruin this country and punishing the people. For What?!

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Renee Kimes, 4/30/2021 6:35 PM

I feel like we are living under a dictator.

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Jennifer Wellsman, 4/30/2021 6:37 PM

Biden and his puppet masters are attempting a communist dictatorship--they have no respect for the USA and it's founding and history.

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Carol Silhan, 4/30/2021 7:07 PM

Not just poor - Devastating! He and the people in the background and in Congress are trying to demolish this country and our way of life. I am disgusted, angry and fearful and wonder if we will be able to reverse the damage he has done.

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Sherry Gray, 5/1/2021 3:00 AM

I chose poor but his first 100 days are much worse than poor.! We need another option. Criminal! Devastating! Unforgiveable! This country deserves better.

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Trudy Routh, 5/1/2021 11:06 AM

I have been a Republican since 1981. I am 69 years old and have just completed a 6-week study on the U.S. Constitution, as I felt I needed to go back and rediscover what our founding fathers established for our Republic. It is astonishing how far we have drifted from the governmental design of the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. The Biden Administration is taking our nation down a dark path of a socialistic form of government, which ultimately leads to communism. They have engaged Government, Mainstream Media, and Big Tech in their efforts to silence conservatives and all the moral and spiritual values conservatives represent. The short time of 100-days in which so many detrimental executive orders and policies have gone into place is quite appalling and causes great concern.

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Marjorie Drayton, 5/1/2021 2:36 PM

Biden Should receive no more than an F minus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Minnie Wolf , 5/3/2021 3:33 PM

Biden will go down as the worst President in history. We need to pray for our Nation every day. And remember May 6 is our National Day Of Prayer.

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Jeanette Miller, 5/7/2021 4:42 PM

His Presidency is a disaster! I agree that we need to pray for our country every day.

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Leslie Key, 5/7/2021 6:41 PM

In my opinion, Joe Biden is the worst President in American history and his actions are extremely dangerous and damaging to our Republic. He has no center of integrity and he is a puppet of the radical, Socialist Far Left and the Chinese Communist Party. Since taking office, he has done nothing to solve the problems in this country. His philosophy is that he will try to purchase Americans with “free stuff”, as long as we submit every aspect of our lives to the federal government, including paying much higher taxes, paying more of our money for basic necessities like food, energy and gasoline., and submitting ourselves to government-run healthcare.

His administration is spending and wasting frightening amounts of money to achieve their far Left agenda, and I believe massive inflation is coming, if not total collapse of our economy. Biden has nothing positive to say about America and trashes our country by calling it a fundamentally racist nation, which is an egregious lie. In a very short time he has managed to reverse most of the fantastic, positive things President Trump did for our country, and all his decisions have been bad ones. He is a globalist who does not believe America is an exceptional country. He is following the Saul Alinsky model of pitting Americans against one another in order to gain political power, all with the help of the corrupt mainstream media, which also despises this country. Biden has put average Americans last in line, and his policies are destroying the middle class. I fear that if Joe Manchin caves on the filibuster, Republicans will never regain power again. After his Administration has achieved Socialism. Communism will not be far behind. Biden’s Administration is fighting ferociously for total power and control of our country. Power, control and money is all Biden and his administration care about. This is not only extremely dangerous, I believe it is also demonic and Godless.

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