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Week of October 25, 2021

Week of October 25, 2021
Posted: Oct 28, 2021
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Topic: Level of Concern about Local Public School Curriculum

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17 comments on article "Week of October 25, 2021"

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Jan Burch, 10/29/2021 2:07 PM

When the public schools teach my grandchildren that their parents and grandparents are racist simply because of the color of their skin, I am extremely concerned that they will learn to hate their family and themselves.

When they are taught that they are responsible for the country's past sins, I am extremely concerned that they will be burdened by shame and guilt by things over which they had no control.

When they teach explicit sexual matter that strays from an explanation of human biology, I am concerned that they will believe that sexual experimentation at a young age is appropriate.

When they teach that the government should provide all their basic needs, I am concerned that they will sap all ambition and drive from the children and replace it with a mindset of dependency and laziness.

I want them to grow up to be reasonable and responsible adults with close family bonds, not good little progressives who contemptuously condemn their family as backward, racist pigs. That, I believe, is the goal of those who endorse CRT & Sexual Experimentation.

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Donna Gillett, 10/29/2021 8:46 PM

Enough already of schools/teachers having Gay Day & promoting transgenderism. On August 13, 2021 Texas Gov Greg Abbott announced he had a letter from the state's Department of Family and Protective Servies determing that genital mutilation of a child through gender transitioning surgery constitutes child abuse. Hear ye, hear ye, school board members, taxpayers, parents and doctors!

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phyllis santleben , 11/1/2021 9:46 AM

i have a doctorate in education - my thesis was quantitative - facts - proven hypothesis - this all changed in the 1980s - now everything is " qualitative" - based on what i call one's own - personal "curriculum" - not based on the product - not using a representative sample of all american children - my hypothesis now --- of this personal " curriculum" as the basis of our schools' ---and based on the number of jobs- handouts, supposed wrongs and ignorance of God's ( religions'') classic -eternal, basic commands of being human?...our children will suffer - generations will suffer

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Vicki Burch, 11/1/2021 1:38 PM

What happened to teaching reading, writing, and math along with our Constitution and Declaration of Independence? Along with the history of our country - the good history, the bad history and the ugly history? We need to get back to basics as our children and grandchildren are suffering and so will all of America if we don't stand up, run to serve on school boards and speak out .

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Nancy Hathcock, 11/1/2021 3:34 PM

The West Orange County RWF in California is extremely upset not only with what is being taught in our Los Alamitos School District but the arrogance and disrespect

of our school board toward taxpaying parents. We are at every school board meeting to voice our opinions. We have been holding rallies regarding the issues and are involved in putting a recall of 4 of the board members on the ballot. We are also recruiting two conservatives to run against two of the incumbents. And we are demanding the resignation of school board member Marlys Davidson who used the "F" Blessing" on one of our parents! ,We are seeing more and more involvement from our communities because our efforts. We will make a difference!

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Layne Linebaugh, 11/5/2021 12:04 PM


VERY concerned.

When prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag were taken out of our schools the systemic ruination of American values was accelerated. The statistics are staggering. Bring back reading, writing, arithmetic, outside sports, and parents being! What our children learn is our responsibility. What a wake-up call we have received. Thank you to all who have stood up and made the evil ones take notice.

Dr. Layne Linebaugh

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michele m jordan, 11/8/2021 9:09 AM

I am very concerned with the dumbing down of academics, the lack of vocational classes and the woke indoctrination in government schools. Now it can be extended to childcare and preschool as 13 republicans in name only voted 400 billion for this. How can this be?

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gm loeus, 11/12/2021 4:55 AM

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1001 tips, 11/6/2022 9:10 PM

I am not worried about the quality of the teaching but rather the shabby facilities that need immediate repair.

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