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Week of May 24, 2022

Week of May 24, 2022
Posted: May 19, 2022
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Topic: Invoking Defense Production Act to Increase Formula Supply

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The Biden administration has invoked the Defense Production Act to increase the nation’s infant formula supply. Do you agree with this?

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12 comments on article "Week of May 24, 2022"

Avatar image, 5/20/2022 5:49 AM

The United States does not make use of its military superiority to take over other countries, assert sovereignty over their resources, play tic tac toe or steal their land. However, we cannot anticipate other nations to be as charitable if their capabilities grow to be more advanced than ours in the future.

Avatar image

linda vandercook, 5/20/2022 10:52 AM

Invoking the Defense Production Act is a double-burden on our nation. The Biden administration is intentionally crippling our businesses and then using tax-payer money (gvmt resources) to force production. This move is just another step in the de-privatization of commerce and means of production--toward Venezuela-style socialism.

Avatar image

Jan Burch, 5/22/2022 11:51 AM

Although I agree that something had to be done to put baby formula back on the shelves, the Defense Production Act is not the way to do it. It was the FDA that caused the shortage when they closed a plant that provided 40% of the baby formula in the country. Anyone with common sense would have realized that shutting down this factory would lead to a decreased supply of formula.

The FDA may have been able to work with the factory to resolve the issues without closing the entire plant. If that could not be done, importing formula should have taken place immediately to make up for Abbott's inability to produce the formula. Instead of foresight, the Biden administration deals entirely with hindsight.

Avatar image

Phyllis Vincent, 5/22/2022 3:39 PM

Government does not belong in private business. This crisis like those of the past are excuses for government to assert more power. We must stand against this behavior n reduce government to its

Constitutional size. We the People must understand our job and do it!

Avatar image

Nina Mucha Mucha, 5/23/2022 8:15 AM

Poor Question, the question should be how did this happen? What steps were ignored to prevent this breakdown in the supply chain? It is only a matter of time until the next vital ingredient in daily life is yanked away. De-certify the election. Making America great is not about Trump, it is about the future of our nation, the quality of life, our freedoms. I worked the primary and the turnout was poor. Prime for another steal again. Doubt it? Watch 2000 Mules.

Avatar image

LOL Beans, 5/30/2022 12:16 AM

Yes, I like the content of this article.

Avatar image

InGenious Guru, 5/30/2022 8:47 AM

The situation has become critical even in the United States. President Joe Biden on Wednesday, May 18, took emergency measures to facilitate manufacturers' access to ingredients for infant formula.

Avatar image

Fran, 5/30/2022 1:18 PM

The US should not use our weakened military to challenge China's more superior fighting forces. We should help Taiwan, but not with our warriors. At the same time, we should be strengthening our military, increasing the defense budget, and securing our borders.

Avatar image

coca hary, 6/10/2022 4:28 AM

The article is very good and meaningful, hope that in the next article you will update with good and new information to share information with readers, thank you for sharing.


Avatar image

linda cryana, 6/13/2022 5:28 AM

Invoking the Defense Production Act puts our country under a double weight. The Biden administration is deliberately harming our businesses and then forcing output using taxpayer money (gvmt resources). This is only another step in the de-privatization of business and means of production in the direction of socialism a la Venezuela.

Avatar image

linda cryana, 6/13/2022 5:29 AM

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