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Week of August 22, 2022

Week of August 22, 2022
Posted: Aug 18, 2022
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Topic: Greatest Threat Facing America Today

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What is the greatest threat facing America today?

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21 comments on article "Week of August 22, 2022"

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Carol Rogers, 8/19/2022 2:23 PM

All of these are huge threats. The greatest threat is Satan-our country is losing it's moral grounding. As Alexis De Tocqueville said, America is great because America is good. When we lose our faith and our morality, we are truly in trouble.

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Patricia Gillenwater, 8/19/2022 3:01 PM

All are threats. I would add others to the list and include an all above. The democrat party and RINO R's who seem to have devolved into a gp along to get along group.

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Jeanne Keegan, 8/19/2022 3:46 PM

I agree all are threats, however, I believe that our country is turning from a great democracy and embracing socialism so rapidly, that all other threats will be meaningless. This last bill which is so falsely labeled as "inflation solving" is one we may never recover from. Americans need to be more informed about the misleading scare tactics used to promote "climate change". Billions earmarked for climate change gives democrats huge control over what we drive, what kind of stove we cook on, and how we heat our homes. Their control over our lives is frightening and it will also contribute to the loss of faith/religion which socialism cannot tolerate.

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Elizabeth Mitchell, 8/19/2022 6:05 PM

All you mentioned are great cause for concern. However, I believe the abuse of power of the current administration @ the overreach of FBI & IRS are driving us towards a police state.

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Donna Gillett, 8/19/2022 9:47 PM

Perhaps it's Border Security. However I say. "It is education of yet another generation of children in public government schools! We did not have a Federal Dept of Education until Jimmy Carter. Have school choice w/the state tax dollars following the student to the choice of the parents." This would introduce real competition.

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Diane Carliner, 8/20/2022 1:49 AM

The greatest threats today are the Democrat party and Rinos with their socialism and lack of morality.

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Ann Pennington, 8/20/2022 12:35 PM

The greatest threat is the loss of our Constitutional liberties, including representation of the people/voter fraud.

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Jan Burch , 8/20/2022 1:00 PM

I believe the greatest threat we face is social discord. Can we really call ourselves "Americans" anymore? We are divided into cubbyholes dictated by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and many other categories including the biggest division of all: political beliefs. The intent is to purposefully cause division and destroy unity.

We are no longer two parties with different views about how best to achieve a common goal. We cannot even agree on the goal any longer, and those with a different opinion have become, quite literally, the enemy.

Where a political adversary might once have been thought of as misguided, today we hear them referred to in the most extreme terms. Although both sides play this game, the rhetoric from some democratic activists is alarming.

The goal is to completely destroy

in the literal sense anyone who does not agree with their agenda - making him not just unemployable, but a complete pariah in society.

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Heidi Engelhart, 8/21/2022 8:50 AM

I think one of the greatest threats that America faces and needs to be fixed right away is the election process. We need to stop voting on machines and go back to paper and hand counting with smaller precincts. If we don't have true and lawful voting/elections for the legal American citizen, we do not have a country. Next would be to stop the invasion on our southern border and go back to energy independence and being able to export our energy. Best to have our alleys depending on us for their energy and not our enemies.

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Janice Roberts , 8/21/2022 1:36 PM

We are one nation under God and need to foremost remember and actively demonstrate that on a daily basis. Armed with that belief we can seek guidance and push back against these ideologies that are taking us down the path of destruction.

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Leslie Key, 8/23/2022 12:24 AM

I believe the greatest threat facing America today is the extremist Marxist ideology that is embraced by our government agencies in the Biden Administration. Biden is a puppet who is being controlled by radical Marxists in the White House. These Marxists are completely responsible for the horrible policies that have come from the Biden Administration, policies that affect every aspect of our lives.

The Biden Administration continues to pass massive spending bills that are increasing our inflation. If they can collapse our capitalist economic system, people will desperately depend on the federal government for all basic necessities.

They are passing radical green energy bills which are hurting all Americans with higher gasoline and energy bills, expecting Americans to buy expensive electronic cars or move to only using public transportation.

These Marxists are globalists in favor of completely open southern borders for America - they hate America and want to diminish America as a world power. It is irrelevant to them that they are making billionaires out of the deadly Mexican drug cartels, who have gotten rich with illegal immigrant human trafficking, and that illegal drugs are pouring across our southern border, killing thousands of Americans. The Biden Administration could care less that immigrant women and children are being trafficked in America’s sex trade. Biden’s Secretary Mayorkas continues to tell Americans with a straight face that our Southern Border is “secure.”

These Marxists in the Biden Administration hate Christians and call them dangerous, hating, radical extremists. They are asking the liberal mainstream media to now refer to Christians in the same way, so that Democrats are now being thoroughly indoctrinated to believe that all Christians are a bunch of haters. Watch all the “Stop the Hate” signs appear on Democrats’ lawns before the November election. These Marxists want to destroy Christian values in America and destroy our US Constitution.

The radical Marxist George Soros’ funded District Attorneys in our cities have eliminated criminal bail laws and refuse to punish criminals in the name of “Justice for criminals” - which has caused violence, rapes, murders and thefts to skyrocket in cities all across America.

Mark Levin’s book “American Marxism” explains how these dangerous radicals have taken over EVERY single aspect of American society, from our schools to our medical institutions, and they are now destroying America as we know it.

We MUST get out to vote in November and not allow the Democrats to cheat our elections once again - as they cheated in 2020. Our country is on the precipice and if we don’t stop this in November, America as we know it will be OVER.

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gammatech, 8/29/2022 7:11 AM

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Shivaniroy, 9/15/2022 7:13 AM

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Avatar image Cellebreties, 9/27/2022 5:15 AM

All you mentioned are great cause for concern. However, I believe the abuse of power of the current administration @ the overreach of FBI & IRS are driving us towards a police state.


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