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Week of August 29, 2022

Week of August 29, 2022
Posted: Aug 25, 2022
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Topic: Biden's Cancellation of Student Loan Debt

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Do you agree with President Biden’s decision to cancel a portion of student loan debt for borrowers who earn less than $125,000 per year?

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22 comments on article "Week of August 29, 2022"

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Barbie Lorentz, 8/26/2022 8:55 AM

You take out a loan YOU are RESPONSIBLE to pay it is pretty simple!

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Marjorie Atkins, 8/26/2022 9:42 AM

President Biden is teaching the wrong message. A loan is a loan and it must be repaid.

Personal responsibility means nothing to him.

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theresa speake, 8/26/2022 11:20 AM

This action is an affront to all who have either never taken out a loan but paid as they went or to those who never went to college. Either way, they did not knowingly take a loan and agree to pay it back. This is a dereliction of responsibility by the individuals who took out the loan. It is not my responsibility to pay for your personal loan. This also goes against what we have been taught about responsibility for our own actions.

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Helen limburg, 8/26/2022 11:23 AM

This is an outrage. This creates additional moral hazard as more people will take out loans they don’t intend to pay back. Colleges will raise tuition. This says” SUCKER” to all those who were responsible. I am truly outraged.

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Jan Burch, 8/26/2022 1:30 PM

First, I believe his actions are unconstitutional. He didn't "forgive" loans as he claimed, but simply transferred the debt onto the backs of the taxpayers (2/3 of which are not college grads). He did so without congressional authority.

Secondly, I believe it's immoral. It not only burdens the wrong people, but also teaches these young adults that they don't have to be responsible for repaying loans that they willingly took out, agreed to repay, and benefitted from. Future students (and possibly mortgage holders) are likely to default on their loans, expecting government to step in and magically "forgive" them.

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Nancy Hathcock, 8/26/2022 9:37 PM

Typical Democrat campaign policy. Go after a group and promise them anything so they will vote for you.

I this will backfire on the Dems. However, once again it is a way to put a group of people beholding to the government for this allowance.

This is just one more reason we have to work hard to get the Republicans off their butts this election and to vote-preferably at the polls!

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Debbie Norton, 8/29/2022 12:02 PM

The student loan forgiveness policy will put additional pressure on middle-income and poor Americans to make ends meet because of additional taxes. It will also add to America's inflation problem. I believe in paying your own debts and not depending on the government to do so.

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Ana c Carson, 8/29/2022 4:07 PM

This is a way to buy votes. in a republic the government is not there to pay your debts it is there to serve and protect the people. So far Mr. Biden is making people irresponsible and raising tuition in schools just like he did with EV subsidies. Stop the insanity and stop destroying this country

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Laurie Reiner, 8/29/2022 6:56 PM

Biden is BUYING VOTES to save his Dem Midterm Elections. Inflation is already at a 40 year high, and growing higher and higher with every handout he can imagine (or is that "Reimagine!" I thought the U. S. Congress has the power of the purse! Biden went through the "back door" to get this done. I paid for all my student loans and later on I paid for my Grad degree while working full time. The recipients of his bail out will only expect a free ride for everything else. Where will it end???

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Leslie Key, 8/30/2022 12:11 AM

As previously stated by others, this was a political move by Biden to buy votes for Democrats, it will increase our inflation, and it only encourages more students to take out loans in the future (with no intention of paying them back) - because students will now EXPECT our federal government to “forgive” their loans. This is enabling and discourages personal responsibility.

Why is this financial burden being placed on the American taxpayer at all? Many universities are ROLLING in money, with hundreds of millions of dollars in endowment money. Universities have gotten filthy rich and charge ridiculous, astronomical tuition prices to students today.

It is the wealthy universities who charge ridiculous tuition rates who should forgive these student loans - NOT the American taxpayers. Many of these American taxpayers are modest income-earners who never went to college - and they can least afford to pay the debts of the kids who took out these student loans.

Our federal government should entirely get out of the business of guaranteeing these student loans for our universities - so that these student loans are NO RISK AT ALL to our universities. Biden’s corrupt student loan forgiveness only encourages universities to charge even higher tuition in the future.

The whole thing is sickening and I hope it’s challenged in our courts. Our Legislative branch holds the power of the purse, not Joe Biden. Please get out and vote Republican in November. Our elections cannot come soon enough!

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Vallery McCoy, 9/1/2022 11:54 AM

My husband and I paid for our sons undergraduate education. They worked each summer to help pay college expenses. They graduated debt free because they weren't lazy! I went to college at night to get my degree. I worked full-time and paid every dime of it myself. I was only making less than $21,000 a year. I don't think I owe anyone any of my tax dollars because they are whiny and lack integrity. I made only mid-thirties when I retired 8 years ago.

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Henry Simpson, 9/8/2022 3:59 AM

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