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Week of December 12, 2022

Week of December 12, 2022
Posted: Dec 8, 2022
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Topic: Religious Schools Ineligible for Public Funding

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Should religious schools be ineligible for public funding?

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24 comments on article "Week of December 12, 2022"

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Carole Zaffino , 12/16/2022 10:09 AM

Funding should follow the student wherever they attend school. We all pay taxes.

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G. Coffey, 12/16/2022 10:12 AM

There should be vouchers for parents to use at schools of their choice, including religious schools; no direct funding.

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Erin Metters, 12/16/2022 10:54 AM

The money should follow the student including home schooling and private and religious schools. There should be no strings attached. Be wary of government intervention. Hillsdale College has maintained its autonomy, because it refuses to take any government money.

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Tanita Neal, 12/16/2022 1:46 PM

Federal laws apply to every citizen. Federal funding should be available to every citizen attending any type of school. Our country is based on religious beliefs and schools expounding those beliefs should not be excluded from any federal program.

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Claudia Fisher, 12/16/2022 2:20 PM

If religious and private schools take public money, they will be subject to all the rules and regulations that the current public school system has. This is something I don't want! Only our religious and private schools can give our students the full academic education they need to succeed and become independent thinkers with a moral compass.

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Jan Burch , 12/16/2022 3:23 PM

The money should follow the child, whether that child attends a public school, charter school, religious school, military school, or other private school, assuming the school is accredited.

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Preston Johnie, 12/18/2022 10:43 PM

If the school is accredited, the funding should accompany the kid regardless of whether they attend a public, charter, religious, military, or other private 1v1 lol school.

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1v1 lol, 12/18/2022 10:46 PM

Wherever a pupil attends school, financial support should follow. Everybody pays taxes.

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Pam Wessling, 12/20/2022 9:36 AM

I agree with Jan Burch - the money should follow the child.

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DavidJohn, 12/21/2022 8:36 PM

To be student-centered and analyze specific situations in order to maximize the use of funds. AUXITO

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Leah Amyakar, 12/24/2022 4:08 PM

This is not a simple question. When we think of religious schools the ones that spring to mind are most often Jewish or Christian schools. Yet we also have Muslim schools in America teaching the destruction or country and way of life. Legally we probably are unable to stipulate which schools are "approved" for funding. I believe in the parental right to choose the best school for their children, however I cannot condone schools with such a damaging and hateful curriculum.

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lol beans, 12/28/2022 10:25 PM

If the school is accredited, the funding should follow the child regardless of whether they attend a public, charter, religious, military, or other private school.

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basket, 1/6/2023 1:27 AM

I think there should be government support for all schools, I would like to participate in this survey.

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run 3, 1/6/2023 2:47 AM

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fnf , 1/6/2023 4:19 AM

that the financial integration of religion and government benefits neither religion nor government nor the climate of tolerance upon which different communities depend. That religious differences in pluralistic countries are frequently profound, contentious, and volatile.

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!, 1/12/2023 10:35 AM

Recently, advocates of state aid for religious education have attacked these principles, arguing that they fail to recognize the religious tolerance that American society has achieved.

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