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Week of January 9, 2023

Week of January 9, 2023
Posted: Jan 5, 2023
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Topic: School Choice Harming Rural Public Schools

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Does school choice hurt rural public schools?

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16 comments on article "Week of January 9, 2023"

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Marilyn Vercimak, 1/7/2023 8:02 AM

In my rural area there is only one school option. To go to another would be many miles of travel on bad roads in the winter.

Additionally, the parents in our communities are so involved in the school, it is responsive to their values.

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Dr Constance Jones, 1/7/2023 12:05 PM

School choice is indeed a positive for many USA states - the critical issue is school choice not being available for specific regions; however, given that the computer line is open to all, this computer approach does work well - some regional USA state areas do have access to the private outside learning labs (Sylvan; Hunterdon, etc) which typically do fill in for most the academic areas, ie students curricula as well as teaching staff - this school choice issue has been one thru educational aeons...

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Mavis Brink, 1/9/2023 9:48 AM

In my experience, rural schools generally are better than town/city schools--more parents involved and school more responsive to them, higher graduation rates and better test scores, more rounded experience with students involved in more activities (music & sports), etc. I attended a one-room country school my first six years, and then went to a town school (when they were being closed by the legislature). During that time, it was observed by many people that the high school class valedictorians in the town schools almost always had started out in the one-room country schools. Just food for thought!

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Joy, 1/12/2023 9:12 PM


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Patricia Gillenwater, 1/13/2023 10:42 PM

School choice is critical in present day. Home schooling options as well. Monie allotted to per studed should follow the backpack. I have to agree with comments that rural schools often better and parents involvement is crucial. I base this on k-12 as a student in a rural school.

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word wipe, 1/16/2023 4:32 AM

The critical problem is that school choice is not available for certain regions. However, because the computer network is open to everyone, this computer approach does work well — some regional USA state areas do have access to the private outside learning labs. School choice is in fact a positive for many USA states.

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