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Week of January 16, 2023

Week of January 16, 2023
Posted: Jan 12, 2023
Categories: Poll Questions
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Topic: Biden's Southern Border Trip Signaling Change

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Joe Biden made his first presidential trip to the southern border on January 8. Does this signal a change in the administration’s position/policies on immigration and border security?

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23 comments on article "Week of January 16, 2023"

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Dr Constance Jones, 1/13/2023 11:36 AM

President Biden's int'l trips appear to be a laying the foundation for the recent USA announcement re: two year immigrant USA status extension - DrCCJones, NFRW Capitol Regent

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Joyce Melugin, 1/16/2023 4:10 PM

Had he been shown the true picture of the border and the pre-cleaned El Paso, it might have made an impression. With the sanctuary cities begging for help because of the influx of illegals looking for beds, food, health care, education for their children, he should be able to hear that loud and clear. He seems to have his head in the sand so there's no ability to hear any of that. Disgusting!!

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Shirley, 1/17/2023 4:13 PM

No. He knew what he was doing when he caused these border problems by undoing all that President Trump had done to secure the border.

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trap the cat, 1/30/2023 6:47 PM

It's fast and convenient.

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lol beans, 1/31/2023 9:01 PM

No. When he exacerbated the problems at the border by removing all that President Trump had done to protect the border, he was aware of what he was doing and did it on purpose.

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Grace Matthews, 2/2/2023 4:57 AM

That's great

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Alex, 2/2/2023 5:00 AM

I like president Trump

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dordle, 2/5/2023 10:43 PM

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neiladdams, 2/7/2023 9:47 PM

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run 3, 2/23/2023 4:14 AM

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play snake, 2/25/2023 2:14 AM

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Nuface Dental Clinic, 2/27/2023 1:41 AM

Regarding the question of whether this signals a change in the administration's position/policies on immigration and border security, it is possible that this trip could reflect a shift in the administration's approach to these issues. President Biden's administration has faced criticism from both sides of the political spectrum for its handling of immigration and border security, and the trip may have been intended to address some of those concerns and signal a willingness to take action.

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word wipe, 2/28/2023 3:58 AM

These actions will assist in addressing some of the most pressing issues at the Southwest border, but they won't fix all the issues with an immigration system that has been broken for an excessive amount of time.

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run 3, 3/6/2023 9:58 PM

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lolbeans, 3/10/2023 6:07 AM

President Biden has taken steps to reverse several of the immigration policies implemented by the previous administration, including the travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries, the policy of separating families at the border, and the construction of a border wall. He has also proposed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

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Drift Boss, 4/20/2023 11:11 AM

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octordle, 8/27/2023 11:47 PM

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